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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who's the bad girl?

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My seven year old daughter is having difficulty getting up early for school, will not take shower in the morning and keeps it until late afternoon or untill F and me reach home from work, wouldn't obey what she was asked to do, refused to eat vegetables, refused to do her homework without me beside her, refused to wear her house slippers even if her aunt reminds her for the hundred times  and while she is defying everything being ask of her, mommy tries to get nice and calm and do some reverse child psychology. Most of the time it works but sometimes it does'nt and when it does'nt work mommy gets cranky and frustrated. Am I the only one here, am I alone or do I share the same experience with other mothers?

Last night all my efforts fail to make her do her homework, well almost, I tried to win the situation in a peaceful way but the Al Rifai nuts and a little head ache gets in the way. Moms patience is put to the test and I needed to cool down for me not to blow it off. I started ignoring things that happens around the house, I am frustrated not just because of  the homework thing but with some other matters that happened yesterday.

She finished her homework inside her room while I was left frozen in the living room staring at the tv without understanding anything. I reached for the remote control and switch off the tv and went to bed. This morning I woke up at 5:30, not my usual wake up time, but I did and I prepared breakfast and pack lunch for M and me. F volunteered to wake up M, the tickle strategy works out and she was up and about. While M was having breakfast I spill it, "you will have to take shower, everyone must have a shower in the morning before school." M started crying and the bouts of NO can be heard allover the house, I AM determined to be tough with my rules and with M lying now on the floor, I gather my strenght to carry her to the bathroom. It wasn't a pleasant day for both of us.

With all this in my head, I did not even have time to even check my mobile until after my morning exercise, I saw two messages from Princess M, "ITS ALL MY FAULT, I AM A BAD GIRL ALL DAY." My heart melts in pain to read that sms from my daughter, I started typing the words but I contemplate on what I should tell her. I put my mobile back to my bag. While I am having my morning coffee, I open my phone again and reply to her "YOU ARE NOT A BAD GIRL. WHAT IS BAD IS NOT OBEYING YOUR PARENTS. MOMMY LOVES YOU VERY MUCH."

I am afraid to see her today, maybe it is me who is the bad girl, maybe its me who should understand more and adjust more, be more tender, loving, understanding but I already am. I am reading this now (5 Big Kids Discipline Dilemmas - Solved) and I hope it helps.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cubby House

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Last night, me and mica played bahay-bahayan (cubby house), she would not go to sleep and still looking for some entertainment. I thought that it would be nice if we play together, read her stories inside the cubby house and role play as if she was my mom and I am her daughter, it was a nice feeling having to make her feel happy and I feel good being able to give her an undivided attention. Add to it our little visitor who invades the house and seemed interested to play as the dad, he sits inside and watch what we were doing, he wanted to play too but her ate (sister) thought he was so small and was just trying to wreck our cubby so the real dad was called in for rescue to take the little guy out and make him busy with run and catch me game.
I used to play bahay-bahayan when I was small with my friends, I remember bringing in my cooking play set with some flowers and leaves cut from the garden to disguise as ingredients for cooking. We bring dolls for baby's and we act like moms feeding them. But we never had a real cubby house, what we had was a makeshift using carton boxes and bedclothes using clothes pin to attach.

Now that we have started playing that game, knowing Mica, she will surely ask me to do it everyday. It is summer vacation and I need loads of ideas to keep the kids entertained. I was planning to enroll Mica to a ballet class but since she had an accident almost two weeks ago hurting her ankle, that is not feasible now so probably we will go ahead with the guitar lesson.

I think that it would be nice if she can have a real cubby house or something like this homemade fabric cubby house. Do you play with your kids too? How do you keep your kids occupied?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

My sons first glimpse of the world we know

As promised, above are his recent photos. It was a lovely experience to become a mother for the second time around, trust me. Allow me to share mine with you.

The day before my sons delivery, I was feeling very anxious about not feeling any labor pain, I am seven days past due my EDD and was warned that if I don't go into labor soon, I have to go for induced labor. I was not scared but I am dead worried.

After seeing the doctor that morning, I decided to pass by the office which is just a 10 minutes walk from the health center. I needed to send few emails and I want to ask the driver to drop me home to spare myself from an expensive taxi fare from Shiekh Zayed to Al Ghusais.

With the doctors advice still in my head, instead of going home, I requested the driver to drop me to Dubai Mall. I also informed my husband that I will be in Dubai Mall and that I wanted to do some window shopping, plus the fact that Dubai Mall is a huge mall where I have the chance to walk a lot. I stayed, walked, rested, window shopped from half past nine in the morning until six in the evening. Me and my husband was making a joke out of it that it would be a failure if I will not go into labor after all the walking I did that day.

He was right, at half past twelve midnight, I felt a cutting pain down there and I said to myself that this is it. I knew that it was labor pain and so I started checking the time, I still tried to get a good night sleep but there was pain every forty five minutes and then thirty, down to 20 and so on. At six in the morning of April 6, I wake up Ferald and told him that I am in advance labor already and that we must prepare to go to the hospital. I took a shower, put out the baby bag that was ready for almost two weeks already, check if we have all the things we need and off we go.

At the hospital, the doctors and the nurses allowed my husband to stay beside me, to comfort me, to help me with labor. I was very happy and grateful that he is there. I can still remember the time when I was giving birth to our daughter, he wasn't there, not that it's his intention but the doctors and nurses in Sharjah doesn't allow male companions in the labor and delivery room. Thanks God, I am giving birth in Dubai, Sharjah rules are far more strict than Dubai. Ferald helped me a lot, the nurses rely on him on giving me the sedating medicine so I will not feel too much pain. And PLUS, really a big plus that my husband is there and took part of my pain and experienced such a wonderful moment in our life.

At 4:44 pm Prince Lance Gabriel Dela Cruz Roque was born.
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Monday, March 08, 2010

Co-Sleeping With Parents

When to know that a child is ready to sleep on his or her own?

Some people believe that co-sleeping is not good for both the parents and siblings. That is not true for my family. My 6 year old daughter still co-sleep with me and my husband, in fact from the day that we take her home from the hospital, she sleeps with us without a fuss, we never even thought of buying a cot or a separate bed for her. She is happy with the set up and so are we.
A week ago, she came to me with a piece of paper, she ask me to write the names of the furnitures that she wants for her own room, after that she run along, write something on the paper and gave it back to me. She was asking me to buy those things for her.It was so cute, I lovingly smiled at her and ask if she doesn't want to co-sleep with me and her dad and if she is ready to sleep separately from us? I received a nod with a smile. :D*cute*
Now that a new family member is coming, I am planning to ditch our queen size bed for a single bed, for me and my husband and a bunk bed for her and for him, but we really love to hug and cuddle each other so certainly that will still remain as a plan until someone will really insist in having her own bed.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Innocence of a Child

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I was attending a seminar on personal finance on a Friday afternoon and L. did not want to go with F. to Deira City Center instead she wanted to stay with me at the seminar not knowing exactly where I am going and what I will do. The seminar haven’t finished yet and L. started to feel bored and show restlessness inside the seminar hall and it was quite disturbing to others. I have offered her everything from pencils and paper to food to my mobile phone to play with but all didn’t last. Thank goodness there was another kid in the room and I offered L. to stay outside with her to play. Even when outside and playing with her new found friend, L. would still peep in the door and ask if at what time the seminar will finish. I said to myself that maybe she was not enjoying with her playmate and I think of leaving at the middle of the talk but then on a second thought I do not want to go as it was very informative. I started to become anxious too and make sure that the kids are doing fine playing outside the hall, I keep checking on them every once in awhile.

After the seminar we headed home and I started to view our digital camera and look what I have found...


This is not exactly what I mean of not enjoying. Well they get along well so much and could play with any material available and even make silly faces on the camera.

Making friends for L. comes naturally and easily. She is innocent and do not mind much about her place in the society compared to us adults who always think of how we are viewed or seen by others. It is really fascinating how L. reminds me of the things I already have taken for granted. She once reminds me that time and communication is very important between us and it really makes me break into tears after hearing what she said. After reflecting on her words I realized that yes she was right I have not paid attention to her questions for how many times I could not even clearly remember. From then on I change my attitude towards her never-ending questions and answer them all diligently as it pays a lot to listen to her even though it sounds weird sometimes.

Have you been in the same situation where you were asked by your child and you don’t even know what the answer is? Or have you been told about your behavior towards them then only on that time you realized you are not doing it right?

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