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Friday, April 16, 2010

My sons first glimpse of the world we know

As promised, above are his recent photos. It was a lovely experience to become a mother for the second time around, trust me. Allow me to share mine with you.

The day before my sons delivery, I was feeling very anxious about not feeling any labor pain, I am seven days past due my EDD and was warned that if I don't go into labor soon, I have to go for induced labor. I was not scared but I am dead worried.

After seeing the doctor that morning, I decided to pass by the office which is just a 10 minutes walk from the health center. I needed to send few emails and I want to ask the driver to drop me home to spare myself from an expensive taxi fare from Shiekh Zayed to Al Ghusais.

With the doctors advice still in my head, instead of going home, I requested the driver to drop me to Dubai Mall. I also informed my husband that I will be in Dubai Mall and that I wanted to do some window shopping, plus the fact that Dubai Mall is a huge mall where I have the chance to walk a lot. I stayed, walked, rested, window shopped from half past nine in the morning until six in the evening. Me and my husband was making a joke out of it that it would be a failure if I will not go into labor after all the walking I did that day.

He was right, at half past twelve midnight, I felt a cutting pain down there and I said to myself that this is it. I knew that it was labor pain and so I started checking the time, I still tried to get a good night sleep but there was pain every forty five minutes and then thirty, down to 20 and so on. At six in the morning of April 6, I wake up Ferald and told him that I am in advance labor already and that we must prepare to go to the hospital. I took a shower, put out the baby bag that was ready for almost two weeks already, check if we have all the things we need and off we go.

At the hospital, the doctors and the nurses allowed my husband to stay beside me, to comfort me, to help me with labor. I was very happy and grateful that he is there. I can still remember the time when I was giving birth to our daughter, he wasn't there, not that it's his intention but the doctors and nurses in Sharjah doesn't allow male companions in the labor and delivery room. Thanks God, I am giving birth in Dubai, Sharjah rules are far more strict than Dubai. Ferald helped me a lot, the nurses rely on him on giving me the sedating medicine so I will not feel too much pain. And PLUS, really a big plus that my husband is there and took part of my pain and experienced such a wonderful moment in our life.

At 4:44 pm Prince Lance Gabriel Dela Cruz Roque was born.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Wish List #3-A Baby Boy

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Ultrasound says I am having a baby boy this time. Not so sure yet until I see it with my own eyes. Why in doubt, you may ask?

My sister was informed during her ultrasound that she is having a girl so what they did was to shop clothes, feeding bottles, and more baby necessities with girly shades of pink, yellow and the like. The funny thing was my brother-in-law whose waiting for her wife to deliver was informed by a fellow (who is also waiting outside of the delivery room for his wife to deliver) that my sister gave birth to a baby boy instead of a baby girl as they have expected. So the ultrasound was wrong but what I don’t know is how many ultrasound test they had before confirming that they are really going to have a girl.

In our experience, we had around three ultrasound tests on different stages of my pregnancy to be sure what we will have a girl. This time for the first instance we are already informed that we are having a boy and the second time as well. I am not fully convinced though. Still I prefer to wait until I deliver. To see is to believe. BUT...I definitely accepts whatever gender GOD choses to give the growing baby inside me. Sure this baby is a perfect GIFT.

Do you really want to know whether you will have a boy or a girl? Here is how you will know.

Click the link below which will direct you to a site about this Chinese Birth Calendar. You can use it for fun to know your baby's gender as it is said to be accurate but ofcourse there is a more reliable source such as ultrasound that I mentioned before...but check more than once to be sure.

Click Here for the Chinese Birth Calendar
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