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An Old Christmas Wish


Back in 2009 around ten days before Christmas I created a wish list and posted it here on the blog, wish one and two, three and four. I intended to have ten but I only had four,  the ones that I really wanted and care about. That was the last wish list I made ever since.

It is this time of the year again and we are down to thirty five days before Christmas. Looking back to those wishes I made, I realized that all of them had already came true. All happened on different occasion and timing but everything was given, all my wish came true.

This year I only have one wish and in my heart it is what I desire the most. I will keep the faith and pray for it to happen real soon. Sorry if I am not able to share it with you because it is too personal.

In the mean time to add a little Christmas cheer in this space I am sharing with you the time lapse video of me and the family putting up the Christmas tree at home. Although it was cut short because my phone died on me, I still love it.

Prince once again put the star, Mica was fighting to do it this year since Prince did it in to two consecutive years already but being the loving and understanding sister that she is, she let her little brother do it again for the third time.

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Santa Clause Meet and Greet @hamleysuae

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Hamley's UAE brought in Santa Clause to meet and greet children and sign autographs too. He will be there until the 25th of December between 4 pm to 9 pm everyday.

We went to see Santa this Friday and Prince was hesitant and a bit scared to come near him, he spoke to him and he wasn't so scared at all, even took a photo with him while my eldest seems to be taking a photo with an old friend :)
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Easy Gingerbread House

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I never made a gingerbread house before. It is not part of our holiday traditions while I was growing up and since my kids are growing far from our home country,  they were not able to experience and practice Filipino Christmas traditions but it doesn't mean they have to skip the Christmas cheer! More importantly, as Christians, I make sure they are aware of why we are celebrating this very special occasion.

At home, we made some gingerbread house last Thursday night, on Friday we went to Dubai Mall to see Santa Clause at Hamley's so they can give him their Christmas wish list. I also bought for them some advent calendars to make the countdown more exciting. They are so excited of Christmas, they are looking forward to this day and can't wait to open their gifts, also some of our friends, relatives and my brother will be joining us on Christmas Eve.

This is an easy gingerbread house recipe, I opted to get graham crackers instead of baking the bread, I have no time to bake and I am not sure how it will come out as I have not baked ginger cookies before.

We used 6 graham crackers for each house, a serrated knife, some chewy candies (orange and watermelon) saltine crackers with different shapes, and icing (one or two egg whites mixed with 1 lb confectioners sugar)

They all turn out fine and the kids love it. This one is Mica's design with my help.

Ginger Bread House

This house is more elaborate, it's for Prince and Daddy helped him to put up the chimney over there

Ginger Bread House

This one is for Lance, my nephew. The final product has a chimney but I have no photo of it though.

Ginger Bread House

It wasn't that hard at all and it was such fun making gingerbread houses. I promise next year to bake the bread. It will be more work but it will be awesome.

I wish that the kids would somehow remember us doing this, maybe if we do it every year and then it's going to be part of our family's own Christmas traditions.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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Someone told me that putting up the Christmas tree in November is way too early...

but not the case for us.

The Philippines has the reputation of a country who celebrate Christmas the longest in the world starting as early as September and last until January 6 of the following year.

I grew up in this tradition and this year is not different from any other year we celebrated Christmas even I am away from home and even I am in a country where Christmas is not celebrated by everybody.

I am actually late this year, my mind was occupied with so many things and I don't have the will to bring out tree from its box and dust off the ornaments. If not for the three little kids at home, the tree would have not come out from hibernation. Christmas is for the children anyways.

Prince was the one in charge to put the star on top of the tree. 

Our tree is not real, we never had a fresh tree for Christmas but yes fresh trees are available in Dubai by order from ACE hardware, All Spinneys, in Fresh Flowers, Satwa or at Dubai Garden Center. Due to the rising demand of fresh trees in UAE, fresh trees has become widely available. Just be sure to call them first before going to be sure they have it already.

The fresh trees comes as trees only and what's a Christmas tree without the ornaments and lights. I have seen huge stock of Christmas decorations in all colors, shapes and sizes last week at Ace Hardware and IKEA in Dubai Festival City. There is another place called Falcon Gallery where you can get beautiful decors (branches in Dubai and Sharjah) and many supermarkets around UAE are selling Christmas decorations. Have you been counting down the days? We do. 35 Days to go!

This wreath is an up cycled wreath made from materials I got somewhere it is no longer needed and I turn it into a pretty wreath that now adorns our front door. No matter how small or cheap or old the decors you have or even you don't have any of it, the most important is the spirit of Christmas that lives in our hearts.

Christmas might be difficult to celebrate for those who survive the strongest typhoon that hit our country recently and those who have lost everything they have including their loved ones but Filipinos are resilient people and we all have united to help them get back on their feet again and hopefully things will be in order before the Christmas day so they can have a Merry little Christmas too.

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