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White and Red Stripes: DubFest2015

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It's funny, entertaining, amazing, and downright incredible at the same time.

Hosted by Al Ghurair Center, DubFest2015 is back, bigger and better with 45 performers and more than 400 shows over the 10 day festival.

Have you been? You should come down with friends or family and you will surely enjoy.

All shows are completely free and you can watch it all to your hearts content. Hurry and head down to Al Ghurair Center Deira, you still have tomorrow to see it before it's over.

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DSS - Bedtime Stories

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Today is the last day of the month long Dubai Summer Surprises and surprise surprise, I almost forgot about taking the kids to some fun entertainment around. Each malls in Dubai has their own events tailor made for kids and loadzzzz of sale for the adults. So before DSS bid us good bye, I took the kids to Mall of the Emirates last Thursday after work. We watch Bedtime Stories. Oh no... it's not the Adam Sandler movie, its actually an acrobatic show for the kids. My son and daughter were so delighted in this fun filled show. Upload the video on You Tube to share here. The girl in pink, what is she callled? A Contortionist - one who contorts especially an acrobat capable of twisting into extraordinary  positions

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The Faces behind the Voices of Tag 91.1

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Have you ever wondered who are the Filipino RJs (Radio Jockeys) of Tag 91.1 you are listening to everyday here in Dubai? Me and my husband used to think that Maria Maldita voice with her Uwian Na with Maria Maldita show sounds like it's coming from a huge frame. Another friend said he is falling in love with Louie Da-Costa of Gandang U-maga with Daddy Bluebird because she has a very beautiful and enchanting voice. To stop assuming, the ever curious me searched for them to put a face behind the voices.

Behold I introduce to you Ms. Maria Maldita (photo credit) (sorry ha sexing sexi pala si Madam) hehehe :)

Louie Da-Costa

Daddy Blue/Bluebird

and Chikay

They are our daily companions on air in Dubai who plays all the songs we love and give away a lot of things in their daily contests. (sana manalo nman ako minsan). Want to know more about them? You can read their profile in the website here
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Wild Wadi Water Park

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No, I did not go on a safari trip this weekend. This wadi is just around the corner of Jumeirah at the end of the Beach Road situated between the majestic 7-star-hotel Burj Al Arab and picturesque Jumeirah Beach Hotel. A friend of a friend took us on a treat to Wild Wadi last Friday. It was the exact same date we officially became a couple. This outing was a perfect coincidence to celebrate our special day.

"Wadi" is the Arabic term for Valley. In some cases, it may refer to dry riverbed that contains water only during times of rain or simply intermittent stream- definition by Wikipedia

Wild Wadi is the first theme park in the UAE and now one of the 6 water parks around the country. (Yas Waterworld, Aquaventure, Iceland, Dreamland, Wonderland, Wild Wadi.) Wild Wadi is nothing but fun fun fun (humming) in the sun that spans over 12 acres of land. It has 23 water rides that suit every age. Jumeirah Sceirah is for riders not less than 1.1 m tall. The anxiety heightens as you climb the 32-meter tower to reach the slide. You will be popped into a tube with your arms and legs crossed and dropped into the 120-meter slide at 80 km ph speed. When I tried this ride, it was not a tube yet, it was an open slide like this one.

This is how it looks now but unfortunately, I couldn't try it this time. The brave and thrill-seeker in you must also be cautious to tie your swimsuit tightly to avoid any beachwear mishap if you know what I mean.

My not so faint-hearted 8-year-old daughter Mica eagerly try her hands on surfing at Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders.

She wants to come back for more even after this wipeout

and then it was dad's turn. Ferald liked this ride a lot and he has been to Wild Wadi three times and never pass the chance to try surfing.

In the end, all get wiped out anyway. hehe

This was me, yes I tried it too and it was awesome.

You know I have another kid. The little guy enjoyed dipping at Breakers Bay. This is a wave pool that produces 1.5-meter waves. Complimentary life jackets are at bay for the not very confident swimmers. I almost stayed here all day to accompany Prince. He is still scared to wade into a deeper part of the pool but we managed to teach him to jump and move his leg like bicycling and he is not so scared anymore.

In front of the wave pool, the play structure behind us is Juhas Dhow and Lagoon perfect for families with little ones

but I couldn't make Prince go to play here because of this huge bucket that pours water every two minutes, it scares him.

Another favorite is the Master Blaster, it is a series of high-powered jets to take you on an aquatic roller coaster ride. In this ride, you'll use a single ring or double ring inflatable. Kids below 1.1 meters are not allowed in this ride.

Lifeguards are everywhere which is really good and if you do not have a water camera, it's alright because they can take your pictures too during the ride and you can pay and collect your picture at the souvenir shop later on.

We have more to explore because we haven't tried everything. We still have the Flood River

 Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley and Juhas Journey

When you feel your stomach rumbling already after all that adrenaline rushing rides, there are several food outlets to chose from. We opted for Julshans Kitchen, ordered some burgers with potato fries and soft drinks, the burger is big and good for sharing. I shared mine with Mica or you can have it to yourself but I'm sure you'll find yourself stuffed after that. I find it odd though that the veggies in the burger are served on the side. Burgers, Sausage sandwich, chicken burgers are priced from AED 32 to 39 AED. Salads are also available and cost AED 40-50. Bottled water is ridiculously overpriced at AED 9 per bottle. Ice cream is AED 10 each.

There are also other things you can engage yourself into inside Wild Wadi water park. Fisho is a fish spa available for a fee of AED 35

Just dip your feet on the water full of small fishes and enjoy the tingling sensation

or get an Air Tatoo that apparently would last up to 5 days.

And this place is picture-perfect, so take loads of pictures

And capture some more nice things

And if you get lost there are maps like this around the water park and if you lost something, they also have lost and found near the entrance.

Entrance fees to Wild Wadi are AED 225 for adults and AED 175 for kids and free for kids below 2 years. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm daily from March to May and adjusted depending on the month so be sure to check this out.
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Dubai Dolphinarium - Dolphin and Seal Show

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Another attraction and a must see in Dubai is the Dubai Dolphinarium located at the Creek Park. It is our first time to watch live seal and dolphin show which is amazingly entertaining and it is also our first time to see real dolphins and seals, they are so adorable and very intelligent creatures.

We opt for a Friday morning show but even so the amphitheater is full and all seats are occupied even the VIPs. It is the best time to go because traffic is less and the city seems to sleep until before prayer but I was completely wrong, like us a lot of people also chose to see the dolphins at the most convenient time of Friday - mornings - when public places aren't full and packed yet.

The seals show off their skills first. Love it when they flap their flippers

And then the main event, five well trained dolphins
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