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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Framing Artwork and Creating Photo Collage

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I heart everything, I see them everywhere, why not put it in my daughters room?

For this project I got a white card stock, pair of scissors, a black marker, a red pen and an old frame

Out of the white card stock, I cut out a square that fits perfectly to the old frame, I used the black marker for writing  I and Micaela and for the black frame on the edge of the paper while I used the red pen to draw the heart and color it. This was a pretty very easy-to-do art. I stick the art on the frame and mount it on the wall.

For the photo collage, I printed small pictures of Micaela in the places she's been to. Arranged it and stick together to a frame and mount it on the wall with a double adhesive tape. The letter L stands for Lanna my daughters first name. This was a jewellery holder I got from Claire's during a sale. The pink bear is Mica's lovey toy posing as my model.

I printed these pictures randomly and later on I realized that the pictures are from different experiences of her (from left to right top to bottom) By the Burj Al Arab, By the Burk Khalifa, Skii Dubai, Dream Land Aquapark, Dubai Zoo, Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, Dubai Dolphinarium, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Crabbing in Um Al Quwain, Enchanted Kingdom, Hersheys Dubai Mall-Largest Chocolate Bar, Fujairah Open Beach, Rotana Abu Dhabi, Top of Jebel Hafeet with Aero, Tagaytay Horseback Riding Compound, Abra Ride at Dubai Creek, Malaysia International Airport and Bulacan Butterfly Garden.

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Shared Room - Creating Two Rooms in One

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We are used to co-sleeping, in fact our kids co-sleep with us until a week ago before I decided that they get their on beds and separate bedroom.

My daughter is turning nine this April and she was very eager to have her own bed (again). Since I divided the room in two parts using an Ikea wardrobe unit, we are literally still in the same room and she is not going to sleep alone. My dilemma before when I allow her to have her own bedroom was she's staying up late. I would put her to bed early, read her her favorite book and sing her lullaby's and leave the room when she is sleeping and since I went to bed thinking she's asleep, I didn't know that at some days she stays up doing some stuff which I discovered later on. My solution to this was to go back to co-sleeping since she really goes to sleep when we are also in bed. At present this is no longer a problem because she easily goes to sleep after I put her to bed knowing that we are in the same room, she is also a lot older now and enjoys her own space.

My son on the other hand is not very difficult to train. He likes his own bed immediately, his own space. The only thing now is one of us will have to put him to bed every now and then, it depends on to whom he is most attach during the day, it so happened that he likes us alternately so me and my husband take turns givings us more hours of sleep, oh but bottle feeding him at night stays my husbands duty :P (harhar) We like the idea that Prince likes his bed, he doesn't want to sleep on our bed anymore except during the afternoon nap.

We now have our own space too and we are loving it. Because of the wardrobe unit I used as a divider between our room and our children's room, we win back our privacy. We have two rooms in one room and everyone was happy, it was a win win situation.

The above move is part of the plan to de-clutter and redesign our room to a more inviting space for relaxing and sleeping.

This is the kids room in progress, here is the list of things I still want to do for their room.

Purchase bunk bed AED 450 or $122 from Sharjah Immigration Road Furniture Store
Add frames stop Mica's headboard (Create fremd art)
Add storage unit for Mica and Prince
Buy them both a themed bed covers and pillow cases
Add frames atop Prince headboard
Create a reading corner where the lamp shade sits right now
Install then each a reading lamp

As much as I love them to have warm feet in the morning by adding some carpet on the floor, I am ditching the idea since they both very sensitive to dust and carpets are dust magnets. They have both their house slippers and that will do the thing.

Our side of the room is not picture worthy at this time, it is still evolving but I will sure share it with you.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Glitter Greeting Cards

Don't you just love making personalized cards for your friends? I know, technology is so advanced and it is super dooper easy to type your message and greet your friends but sometimes nothing beats the old fashion way.

Today is my daughters last day of school, its their winter break and it's also the holidays! Last night, Mica mentioned about a classmate who will be saying goodbye to their class because he is going back to his home country together with his family for good, the problem was the boys dad could not find another job after he lost his job or something like that. If the head of the family is jobless in Dubai, it is really very difficult to get by. Jobless expatriate families eventually would need to decide to leave UAE for good and go home. Unlike other countries, here we don't get citizenship so it is very important to have a job which means having a visa and having a visa means being able to stay and work in Dubai legally. It was a sad story but one way or another, we have to face reality and what is happening to her classmate is the reality and this I explained to Mica so she would understand.

We lighten up a bit, she wanted us to buy something for one of her classmates, they are going to have an exchange gift. It is one of her girlfriends ideas that they exchange gift because it is Christmas and so an amount for AED 25 is set for the gift. We got one for a boy and wrapped it nicely.

After wrapping up her present, we had another idea, we made some lovely glittery greeting cards for her BFFs.  These DIY stencil Christmas greeting cards were made using white card stock, different glitter colours, glue and a little bit of hard work and a lot more fun :)

Behind the card she'd written her message to each one of her friends.

I made the stencil using hard plastic for binding. This project is easy and fun to make. Something I'm sure your kids will enjoy.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hopscotch - Piko

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There used to be a carpet right there but in attempt to add more indoor activities for my kids, I rolled out the carpet and put hopscotch on the tiles using green vinyl sticker. I can’t use paint as it will surely damage the tiles (I don’t want that because for sure my landlord will ask me to replace those damaged tiles if one day we decided to vacate the property) while colored chalks will easily fade away and we have to draw again and again. My kids and I are turned out to be allergic to dust so removing that carpet is a relief.

When we went on vacation last December to Philippines, I find my nieces and my nephew hooked on their iPhone or computer most of the time and I admit that even my daughter was doing the same, all of them busy with their own tech-savvy world. It is sad because there is lack physical activity and social interaction thinking that they are kids, they are supposed to be out playing right. I remember when I was their age, you’ll not find me home, either I am out climbing trees and picking seasonal fruits with my friends or I am playing piko, Chinese garter, bending, tumbang preso, harangan taga, langit lupa, and sipa with them. I’m sure if you are a Pinoy kid of the 80’s, you know these games I am talking about. Hopscotch or “piko” is every kid’s game in our country and probably everywhere else in the world.

I called the kids outside one day and draw a big piko on the street, show them how it is done and what the rules are. After that they are on their own playing almost all day long. I was happy to teach them this game I played myself many years ago and even if we are back in Dubai, my kids can enjoy the game she used to play with her cousins.

I add numbers on each box and those are intended for my two year old son so he can familiarize himself with the numbers. Prince is currently on potty training and he is learning his letters and numbers

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Ideas: Wall of Frame


This is how it looks like until I get bored of them. To make things a little happier and to add a little color, I bought a can of orange spray paint and did a little bit of spray painting. These frames with the same photos now belongs to a new area of the house which also used to be a boring white wall. This is how it looks like now. The entry looks happy and interesting now. Happy weekend everyone!

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