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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics at City Walk Dubai

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics flagship store at City Walk Dubai opens its doors last week where I had the chance to have a sneak peek of the winter collection and the first ever Hair Lab and Gorilla Perfume Lounge the day before they opened it to the public. I love how colorful it was inside the store. I was like seeing a house in Hansel and Gretel story sans the old woman witch, full of candies luring me to enter. However inedible and instead of popping them into your mouth, you smooth it to yourself or dive into it in the bathtub. These bath bombs are so cool and come in a rainbow of colors. They all look so pretty and I want them all. It is the same day that they launched their winter collection so I bought a couple of their best sellers - Father Christmas and Northern Lights for us to try. To start with the bubble bars, I opted for the milky bath. My main concern was my eldest sensitive skin but I the staff assured me that all of their products are plant based.

First Batch of Winners in 100 Lucky Juans Cebu Pacific Promo to be Announced this Week!!!

Have you submitted your entry already? The first batch of 7 winners in  100 Lucky Juans Promo  of  Cebu Pacific  will be announced this week. If you have not joined yet you still have a lot of chances as this contest runs until August 18, 2013. To join simply "LIKE"   Cebu Pacific Official Facebook Page , click on   100 Lucky Juans , and tell Cebu Pacific how you will make your home coming to the Philippines fun. Entries keep on coming and I already have a few favorites. Here are some of the top rated entries so far  As I look at each of the entry and read some of the essays, I can't help not to feel sad and proud mainly because many of the entries speak truth of the true feeling of an OFW, the longing for the family while far from home and their LOVE for them. They talk of the sacrifices they are willing to make just to give their loved ones a better life. Actually it's the loneliness and homesickness that makes it hard to work abroad, not the work lo

When the journey is all that matters

When I was a kid, I dreamed of riding an airplane. Whenever I see a plane in the sky I wish that I was on that plane. Imagine me waving at an airplane in the sky, a thousand feet above me, like a girl lost in an island, screaming for the plane to come down and get me. It is fun silly and all the kids my age are doing the same. When I flew to Dubai in December 2002, that dream came true. I was thrilled to take the plane ride. At the boarding gate, I can’t wait to get into my seat and for the plane to be airborne.  After several years and several vacations in the Philippines, I am still ecstatic to ride a plane. It gives me a different high. My first plane was Cathay Pacific, the second was Emirates Airlines and I have also tried Malaysian Airlines, among this three, Emirates Airlines has given me the best flight experience ever. Emirates Airlines is the only carrier that offers straight flight from Dubai to Manila but during peak season like Christmas and New Year or Grad

How to make your homecoming to the Philippines fun?

Planning your holiday to the Philippines? Is your company paying for your airfare or are you paying it from your pocket this time? In case you are paying it yourself, why pay it when you have a chance to have it for free. Yes FREE!!! Read below carefully. In the UAE, expatriates are privileged to have an annual leave of 20 working days or 30 calendar days every year however airline tickets can be given yearly or every two years, there are also some people who get it every six months. Cebu Pacific is running a contest on their  Facebook page  called   100Lucky Juans  starting today May 13 and will be giving away 100 free return tickets to Filipinos based in the UAE for its first ever flight from Dubai to Manila on October 7. All you have to do is to tell Cebu Pacific in a video or photo collage or 200 word text/essay format how you will make your homecoming to the Philippines fun.    That actually triples the fun because not only do you get to plan a perfect vacati

Spa for your bags

Prada, Channel, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton... how many authentic bags do you own and how are you keeping them in tip top shape? Recently my sister requested me to run an errand for her. Her much loved LV bag (Galleria monogram brown patent canvas) needs some TLC and she wants me to take it to the spa for bags in Jumeirah. I didn't know that such spa for authentic bags do exist until she asked me. At first I think it's ridiculous but as the idea sinks in I thought that it is just right to give your very expensive bag some TLC instead of keeping/hiding it in your closet after it is worn out and old with folds, creases & wrinkles, ink stains, tarnish/scuff metals, wear & tear, color transfer and darkened handle and not fit to be carried around anymore. I took my sister's bag at My Bag Spa located in Jumeirah Centre. It will take a month to do a full dye and partial cleaning. A full dye will be done to restore the color of the leather in the bag from the time i