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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sharjah Fish Market

Fish market in the Dubai and Sharjah are clean, organized, centralized, do not use digital weighing scale, vendors wear uniforms mostly Pakistani men and ONLY MEN never find any women in the fish market selling fresh fish which I find the latter a bit odd.

I already featured here the Dubai Fish Market and now that we live in Sharjah, we now go to the Sharjah Fish Market often, it is opposite the bus station in Rolla area and still a popular place to get the fresh catch.

The fish market gets busy during weekends and a lot of our Pinoy fellas come here too. Some vendors speak the Tagalog names of the fish they sell which they learned from Pinoy customers.

This is our suki (patron), my mom said it is always good to have a trusted vendor because you get more discount and sometimes you get more for free. But having a suki doesn't mean that you will be complacent, sometimes some vendors hand are fast in slipping yesterdays stock to your shopper and its too late to know that you did not get one hundred percent of what you paid for. When buying fish and seafood be sure to check that the eyes of the fish are still clear and the body is firm with pink gills, smells good (fishy) and trust your instinct that what you see looks fresh.

For so many years this same old type of weighting scale is used, I have doubts about it that I am not getting the right weight as compared to the digital or normal weighting scale but everyone in this place still use this until now.

I think these are baby sharks because they look like sharks, do you eat sharks? Me? A big NO. Some of our favorite fish include milk fish or bangus, tilapia, hasa-hasa, tambakol, and tuna, we also like prawns, crab, and squid.

Opposite the Sharjah fish market is the meat & poultry, fruit and vegetable, and date fruit markets where you can get fresh meat and produce.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Trip to Dubai Fish Market

For a working mom like me, what to serve for dinner has always been a big question before I go home from work. During my free time, I used to check food websites just to have an idea of what will end up on our dinner table. I have tried cooking a few interesting recipes and are luckily appreciated by my family. There are thousands of recipes available on the net and you just have to chose what will satisfy your tastes buds. 

Here in Dubai, we say that you only have 2 choices, it is either chicken or beef. (it's a personal joke among our Filipino community) For some reason, I don’t want to eat beef and chicken this time so we decided to go to Dubai wet market and shop for seafood. We go there from time to time to add varieties to our home cooked meals. 

The weather outside is bad; it is too hot and humid plus the sandstorm really makes it unbearable but we are already used to it so it won’t really stop us from heading to the fish market.

Dubai fish market is in Deira, from Bur Dubai you have to go through Al Shindagha Tunnel and if you are coming from Deira or Hor Al Anz, you will pass by Hyatt Regency Hotel on your right, cross the signal then go straight and you will reach the access road to the Fish Market before the Shindagha Tunnel. It is opposite of Gold Land Building and Gold Souq as shown in the photo below

I bought more than five kilo of seafood and I think it will be more than enough to satisfy our seafood cravings.

Apart from the joy of cooking the seafood we bought I also took some pictures for you to visualize how a fish market in Dubai looks like. It is totally different from the fish market in the Philippines; there are no tindera, all are tindero and I don't know why. It's probably a ruling from the municipality of Dubai. 

There are two market schedules, one in the morning and one in the evening. The market close for prayer at one in the afternoon to give way for prayer.
You can understand from his expression how hot it is eh?

Scene inside the fish market

Dried Fish Section

An old man napping, passing his time in this 42 degrees temperature

Trucks used to transport goods and commodities

Grains and Beans Section

A mural of the Arabian Sea in front of Fish Market

Outside temperature
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