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First Batch of Winners in 100 Lucky Juans Cebu Pacific Promo to be Announced this Week!!!

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Have you submitted your entry already? The first batch of 7 winners in 100 Lucky Juans Promo of Cebu Pacific will be announced this week. If you have not joined yet you still have a lot of chances as this contest runs until August 18, 2013. To join simply "LIKE" Cebu Pacific Official Facebook Page, click on  100 Lucky Juans, and tell Cebu Pacific how you will make your home coming to the Philippines fun.

Entries keep on coming and I already have a few favorites. Here are some of the top rated entries so far 

As I look at each of the entry and read some of the essays, I can't help not to feel sad and proud mainly because many of the entries speak truth of the true feeling of an OFW, the longing for the family while far from home and their LOVE for them. They talk of the sacrifices they are willing to make just to give their loved ones a better life. Actually it's the loneliness and homesickness that makes it hard to work abroad, not the work load or the bosses. (Okay okay the bosses too :P) "Sabi nga mas mahirap kalaban ang lungkot." 

As an OFW I know that feeling, I always miss my mom and get worried when her health is not in tip top shape. It makes me sad that I am not able to spend our lives living together because we are here in the UAE and raising a family. I couldn't force her to come here because it bores her to stay at home all day while I am at work and it makes her weak to stay idle, she's a very active woman. Going on vacation once a year and spending more time together helps alleviates our sadness and longing for each other. 

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Win 100 Cebu Pacific Round Trip Tickets to the Philippines to see your Kapuso

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We are not going on vacation to the Philippines this year yet again, our last vacation was in December 2011, we missed 2012, we have plans to go this December 2013 but we cancelled it due to some unforeseen circumstances. Our last vacation in the Philippines was completely awesome, we had the best time with our family spending Christmas and New Year. Over to you, when was your last vacation and are you going home this year?

I know that not all Pinoys based in the UAE are able to go home yearly just like us, I am aware of that fact and everyone has their own reasons. Whatever your reason is, probably it is not in your hand or your decision not to go have a story behind it. Whatever it maybe is all that matters. I am sorry I am becoming too dramatic here. Let’s just go down to business shall we because I have very good news for you today.

If you will remember there was a news article about Cebu Pacific announcement of direct flights between Dubai and the Philippines starting October 7 published in a daily paper in the Emirate. Also they had a seat sale last January 17 to 20, 2013 giving away 3000 seats for as low as Php 888 LITE Fare and seat sale is valid for trips on October 7, 2013.

If you missed it and I missed it too, there is no need to fret because you still have your chance here; a chance to see your family in the Philippines this year. No I am not kidding, it's true.

I am actually so excited about this contest and I cannot contain my excitement so I want you all to know about this and get excited too. ARE YOU READY?

What do you say about FREE trip to the Philippines from UAE to visit your family? Yes you read that right


Be one of the 100 lucky winners!!!

Cebu Pacific is proud to be the only Filipino carrier to fly direct from Dubai to the Philippines and they are giving away "100 Lucky Juans" based in the UAE a chance to fly home absolutely free! 

Joining is simple, please follow these steps

1. Participants must like Cebu Pacific Facebook page.
2. Click here and you will be directed to 100 Lucky Juans Promo Facebook app 
3. Once you are in the page click Enter Now to join
Everything you need to know about the contest is in the app that looks like this. 

TThere will be 7 lucky winners each week for the first 12 weeks and 16 lucky winners in the last two weeks making that a total of 100 Pinoys from the UAE who will have the chance to see their family by October 7. 

Mechanics of the contest was posted on GMA International and Cebu Pacific’s website and official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Mechanics plugs also started airing within commercial gaps of GMA Pinoy TV – Middle East, Europe, and North Africa last May 1, 2013.

In the UAE, entries can be submitted from May 13 to August 18, 2013, open to all Filipinos age 25-65 and subscribers of GMA Pinoy TV. All winners will be announced on air within commercial gaps of GMA Pinoy TV - MENA airing, will be posted on Cebu Pacific Official Facebook page and will be notified via phone call and e-mail.

A little tip for you before submitting your entry
Your entry will be judge according to the following criteria
1. Adherence to the theme ("How will you make your home coming to the Philippines fun?")
2. Creativity (try to be as creative as possible)
3. Length of stay in Dubai, UAE (without coming home to the Philippines) (don't you think I qualify to this one?)
4. No of likes of entry on Cebu Pacific Facebook account so tell as many friends as possible about your entry

I might not be able to join this contest (not sure) but even if I don't, I still feel that I am already a winner. Having our own airline bringing Filipinos in and out of the UAE is something I am very proud of. Not to mention that Cebu Pacific offers economic fare that suits every Juan’s budget. Also did you know that Cebu Pacific is utilizing a brand new plane for Dubai-Philippines flights? That's too much of good news eh? Ok let me stop talking now to let you start your quest to winning that trip ticket to see your loved ones this coming October. 

This is a sponsored post by Cebu Pacific

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