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DIY Glitter Greeting Cards

Don't you just love making personalized cards for your friends? I know, technology is so advanced and it is super dooper easy to type your message and greet your friends but sometimes nothing beats the old fashion way.

Today is my daughters last day of school, its their winter break and it's also the holidays! Last night, Mica mentioned about a classmate who will be saying goodbye to their class because he is going back to his home country together with his family for good, the problem was the boys dad could not find another job after he lost his job or something like that. If the head of the family is jobless in Dubai, it is really very difficult to get by. Jobless expatriate families eventually would need to decide to leave UAE for good and go home. Unlike other countries, here we don't get citizenship so it is very important to have a job which means having a visa and having a visa means being able to stay and work in Dubai legally. It was a sad story but one way or another, we have to face reality and what is happening to her classmate is the reality and this I explained to Mica so she would understand.

We lighten up a bit, she wanted us to buy something for one of her classmates, they are going to have an exchange gift. It is one of her girlfriends ideas that they exchange gift because it is Christmas and so an amount for AED 25 is set for the gift. We got one for a boy and wrapped it nicely.

After wrapping up her present, we had another idea, we made some lovely glittery greeting cards for her BFFs.  These DIY stencil Christmas greeting cards were made using white card stock, different glitter colours, glue and a little bit of hard work and a lot more fun :)

Behind the card she'd written her message to each one of her friends.

I made the stencil using hard plastic for binding. This project is easy and fun to make. Something I'm sure your kids will enjoy.

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Oh Christmas Tree

The weekend was still great even I was sick as a dog. I promised the kids the other week that we will put up the Christmas tree, I don't want to leave them disappointed. Ferald was at work that day hence we waited for him to come home. Decorating the Christmas tree has always been a family affair for us and the kids enjoy it the most. This Christmas is Prince second year and he was given the chance to put the star on top of the tree after we finished decorating it with gold and red ornaments. This tree was the biggest tree we ever had, it is 6 ft tall and require a bigger floor area. I am yet to buy those twinkling lights aka Christmas lights to complete it.
After having the tree ready I suddenly realize that Halloween is not over yet. I checked the web for events in Dubai for the Halloween, all are paid events and are happening quite far from our place. I was thinking of asking neighbors to join trick or treat, those who would like to participate can decorate their doors with spooky designs. We live in an apartment building and I actually have second thoughts in doing that as I am not sure how it will work. Still mama needs to find something for the kids this Halloween.
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Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort Fujairah Review

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To celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, we chose Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujairah for a weekend getaway. I did my research and as suggested by trip advisor, it is the number one hotel in the area.

The summer rates given to us when I booked was $217 all inclusive of taxes, breakfast and dinner at Views Restaurant. The room was spacious and has a balcony, all 218 rooms are sea view facing the Indian Ocean and with a backdrop of the beautiful Hajar Mountains.

Before we check-in at 3:00 pm, Ferald and I went first on a road trip to see some historical sites and attractions in Fujairah.

We visited the famous Wadi Wurrayah - a protected area deep inside the Hajjar Mountains which is believed to be the home to the last Arabian leopard. We also visited the oldest mosque of UAE - the Al Badiyah Mosque.

We check-in at half past four, we were given some refreshing welcome drinks and some wet towels to freshen up. Check in was quick and easy and the bellboys helped us with our bags.

Our room was not what I've expected from Le Meridien, I thought it need a little update in the furnishings but still it is equipped with all amenities you can find in a five star hotel. There was a hair dryer, air conditioning was good, small safe/vault for our valuables, free newspaper, refrigerator and free in room wireless Internet access. It was very spacious too.

I forgot about the room once I opened the balcony. just look at this view! It was breathtaking.
So peaceful, so pretty and so romantic and all the rooms have this view and I think it is more than enough to be thankful we chose this hotel.

The 21-floor hotel itself is picture perfect.

We hit the pool after taking some pictures and resting for half an hour at our room. The water was cool and relaxing, perfect for a dip on a hot and still humid day of September.

Dinner is at the Views Restaurant from 7 pm until 10 pm with different themes every night. It was Friday night so we get to feast on the bounty of the sea. It was an open buffet and there were so many mouth watering dishes to chose from. Free flowing drinks, some are chargeable like the alcoholic ones so it is advisable to go for all inclusive dining while making your reservations. We also had our breakfast here and we were not disappointed. It was a lovely breakfast.

Most of all, I admire the staff because the ones who served us the night before were the same staff who serve us the following morning but they remain calm and happy serving us. Thank you all for making our dining experience wonderful.

When it comes to activities, Le Meridien Al Aqah is action packed however we chose to be a bit more into the relaxing mood.

We only had a stroll outside the hotel near the pool area after our dinner and we went back inside to play billiards. When we reached the game room there was no one to assist us. We were told that we have to collect the billiards set from the lobby reception ourselves and return it as well after the game. It was surprising but we wanted to play so the heck if we have to do it ourselves. We had a nice game after all.

They also have a squash room, a cinema, a small reading corner, a gaming room and dart board at the teen club.

For those sports enthusiast, Le Meridien Al Aqah has lot of water sports to offer as Al Boom Diving is just right around the corner.

For the family oriented vacations and trips, Penguin Club is a friendly place for your tiny tots. On your way to the Penguin Club is a giant snake and ladder and chess, they also have a mini golf if you fancy the game.

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a five star hotel with the stunning view of the Indian Ocean and the majestic Hajar Mountain as its backdrop, definitely a place of relaxation and fun filled activities.
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Henna Art & Eid Al Fitr

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Henna art has long been a tradition in the Mediterranean and a growing popularity among other countries. It is widely used as a body art during weddings and other occasions and festivities like Eid, Diwali and Passover.
My hand with Henna Art (Floral) waiting to dry.

Henna is a flowering plant use to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. The henna plant is native to regions of Africa, South Asia, and Northern Australasia however it is widely and commercially cultivated in countries like the UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan. These countries are wide users of processed henna used to adorn young women's body as part of social and holiday celebrations.

Speaking of celebrations, depending on the sighting of the moon, tomorrow or the day after (8th or 9th September) will be Eid Al Fitr or the end of Ramadan (a month long fasting of our Muslim brothers). "Eid" is an Arabic word meaning festivity and "Fitr" means to purify and so the holiday symbolizes the purification after completing the fasting month. During this celebration, Muslims wake up early in the morning for prayers, customarily they eat a light breakfast as a sign that they do not fast on that day, they also wear their best clothing, women apply henna art and children receive gifts from elders.

Eid Al Fitr for expats in UAE means HOLIDAY! It coincides with the weekend but still we are getting one day off from work. If Eid falls on Thursday we don't come to work on that day but if Eid falls on Friday then we don't come to work on Sunday! Either way is good! I still don't have any plans but sure to have something before the holiday starts.

This is my hand with henna art after drying. hmm looks pretty! Thanks to Sarah for this cute design.

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