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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reading corner for the kids room

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It took us sometime to continue decorating the kids side of the room because of the issues in the lease contract renewal with our old landlord and now that it is finalized and we are settled with the new landlord, we were able to do just exactly what we planned for. Yesterday, we were able to finish adding a bookshelf in the bare wall next to their bunk bed.



Adding a reading corner for the kids and displaying their favorite bed time stories encourage them to read more. We used three spice racks we got from Ikea for AED 11 each. I still need to add lighting for Prince though. Ikea is on part sale right now so if you need extra decor for your home, it is time to go there for cheap finds. 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shared Room - Creating Two Rooms in One

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We are used to co-sleeping, in fact our kids co-sleep with us until a week ago before I decided that they get their on beds and separate bedroom.

My daughter is turning nine this April and she was very eager to have her own bed (again). Since I divided the room in two parts using an Ikea wardrobe unit, we are literally still in the same room and she is not going to sleep alone. My dilemma before when I allow her to have her own bedroom was she's staying up late. I would put her to bed early, read her her favorite book and sing her lullaby's and leave the room when she is sleeping and since I went to bed thinking she's asleep, I didn't know that at some days she stays up doing some stuff which I discovered later on. My solution to this was to go back to co-sleeping since she really goes to sleep when we are also in bed. At present this is no longer a problem because she easily goes to sleep after I put her to bed knowing that we are in the same room, she is also a lot older now and enjoys her own space.

My son on the other hand is not very difficult to train. He likes his own bed immediately, his own space. The only thing now is one of us will have to put him to bed every now and then, it depends on to whom he is most attach during the day, it so happened that he likes us alternately so me and my husband take turns givings us more hours of sleep, oh but bottle feeding him at night stays my husbands duty :P (harhar) We like the idea that Prince likes his bed, he doesn't want to sleep on our bed anymore except during the afternoon nap.

We now have our own space too and we are loving it. Because of the wardrobe unit I used as a divider between our room and our children's room, we win back our privacy. We have two rooms in one room and everyone was happy, it was a win win situation.

The above move is part of the plan to de-clutter and redesign our room to a more inviting space for relaxing and sleeping.

This is the kids room in progress, here is the list of things I still want to do for their room.

Purchase bunk bed AED 450 or $122 from Sharjah Immigration Road Furniture Store
Add frames stop Mica's headboard (Create fremd art)
Add storage unit for Mica and Prince
Buy them both a themed bed covers and pillow cases
Add frames atop Prince headboard
Create a reading corner where the lamp shade sits right now
Install then each a reading lamp

As much as I love them to have warm feet in the morning by adding some carpet on the floor, I am ditching the idea since they both very sensitive to dust and carpets are dust magnets. They have both their house slippers and that will do the thing.

Our side of the room is not picture worthy at this time, it is still evolving but I will sure share it with you.
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