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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics at City Walk Dubai

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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics flagship store at City Walk Dubai opens its doors last week where I had the chance to have a sneak peek of the winter collection and the first ever Hair Lab and Gorilla Perfume Lounge the day before they opened it to the public.

I love how colorful it was inside the store. I was like seeing a house in Hansel and Gretel story sans the old woman witch, full of candies luring me to enter. However inedible and instead of popping them into your mouth, you smooth it to yourself or dive into it in the bathtub.

These bath bombs are so cool and come in a rainbow of colors. They all look so pretty and I want them all.

It is the same day that they launched their winter collection so I bought a couple of their best sellers - Father Christmas and Northern Lights for us to try.

To start with the bubble bars, I opted for the milky bath. My main concern was my eldest sensitive skin but I the staff assured me that all of their products are plant based.

The milk bath is the one that looks like a milk bottle. It is made with moisturizing cocoa butter, soy milk and olive oil for supremely soft skin, orange oil to soothe the mind and let all troubles float away. I love the sound of that.

We are still to try these bath bombs and bubble bars, follow my IG stories for those soon.

All products were half the price on that day so I fill my wooden basket of the ones I wanted to try.

I also bought Boom toothy tabs. It leaves my teeth super clean and whiter, my mouth so fresh.

And for my daughter's eczema-prone skin, I got her the Dream Cream. It is highly recommended for eczema sufferers. I even tried it to myself and wow, it makes wonder to my semi-dry skin.

It is made from oat milk, lavender, chamomile, olive oil and cocoa butter

Halloween collection is also in store.

I went there straight from work but the event was from 2 pm to 7:30 pm. Reached there at around 7 pm so there was no chance to try the hair treatments at the Hair Lab. The other guests, of course, were treated to a complimentary hair treatment and got the chance to immerse and indulge the senses at the Gorilla Perfume Lounge.

More soap bars, all smelling heavenly

If you shop early for Christmas pressies, here's a very good idea and wrapping is not required.

Look at those nifty gift boxes.

Simply Grab. Pay. Gift.

I left the Lush Cosmetics flagship store in high spirit, even made few new friends while sneak peeking. Thank you Lush Cosmetics for the gift, I am surely going to enjoy all that's inside.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
City Walk Phase / Al Wasl and Safa Road Junction
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sonu Sood for D-man Perfumes by Giovanni Bacci

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Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is Giovanni Bacci's newest brand ambassador. The announcement comes with the successful launch in Dubai of its latest range of fragrances for men "D-man."

The D-man collection is inspired by Sood's strong physical appeal, charisma and daring attitude. The new fragrances launched to the D-man series is Denim, Gold and Wood, each defined by its individual scents from the freshness of wood, to sensual white musk to citrusy tangerine and lemon. The other fragrances part of the D-man collection by Giovanni Bacci includes Black, D-man Leather and D-man Pour Homme.

Speaking at the launch of D-man perfumes, the model-turned-actor said: "It is a great pleasure for me to be the face of Giovanni Bacci. The fragrances are rich and energetic, and perfect to carry on all day long."

Giovanni Bacci are exclusively distributed in the region by Shaik Mohd. Saeed Est., the Dubai based retailer and distributor of leading perfume brands from across the world.

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