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First Suhoor Experience at Sofitel JBR

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I almost cancelled an invitation for a Suhoor gathering last week thinking that it's going to be a very early morning event. I was glad I didn't because this suhoor invite was from 10 pm to 1 am only. It was my first and I was eager to know how a proper one is done.

For those who needs to know, Suhoor is the meal a person consumes every day before dawn during the holy month of Ramadan. According to Islamic traditions, it is a blessing as it holds the fasting person in his healthy state during the fasting hours. It is very important not to skip suhoor because skipping it only makes fasting even harder and more challenging.

The common practice is to have suhoor at home since it is a pre-dawn meal, say before 4 am in the morning. Many hotels in the UAE also serve suhoor and service is between 11:30 pm to 2 am mostly catering to hotel guest and companies hosting suhoor. Compared to most iftars I have tried here, here, and here which are mostly buffets, suhoor at Al Samar Sofitel JBR was a la carte.

This was's hosted suhoor party and my friend Roselle graciously extended her invite. is a company that offers car buying service without a fuss. They'll take care of the entire sales process of your used car. is a call away and they'll do the rest for you, they also have branches in KSA and Turkey.

Al Samar Sofitel JBR was a casual dining scene made intimate by two pillars and three huge cylindrical sculptures dividing the restaurant giving each group of diners some privacy. The water fountain and a crystal chandelier at the middle gave the ambiance its natural feel.

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Thailand Toursim Iftar Dinner at Kris Kin Restaurant With A View

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This was our breathtaking panoramic view from Kris Kin With A View Restaurant at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Karama Dubai during the Middle East Travel Professionals and Media Iftar dinner hosted and organized by the Tourism of Thailand (Dubai and Middle East) in cooperation with the Royal Thai Consulate General - Thailand Trade Center Dubai and Thai Airways.

Kris Kin Restaurant With A View serves irresistible Pan Asian specialties. Taste and experience the combination of greatest culinary traditions from Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Arabia.

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Iftar at Kenza Restaurant-Ramada Downtown Dubai

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The Iftar dinner hosted for the media that we have attended at Kenza - Ramada Downtown Dubai however minimalist never fall short on taste and presentation. Everything was delicious and delightfully filling.

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12 Tips to Make the Most Out of Ramadan

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Hi, beautiful people of the UAE and the world, I know it's been a while, I've been busy at work and was enjoying my mommy duties.

I missed you. How is your life going on? I hope things are well with you and those who surround you.

We are halfway the Ramadan month but I know 15 days is still a lot. Even I am not fasting I limit my lunch at work to only sandwiches and eat in the enclosure of our pantry, well sometimes I don't eat at all. Most of the people at my workplace are Muslims who fast. I respect them and I don't want to be a reason for temptation.

Fasting is not easy and it requires great self-control and discipline to do so. People who fast must be careful and should remember several things to make fasting a success. Here are a few tips to make the most out of Ramadan.

This infographic is brought to you by Listerine Middle East
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Grand Iftar Buffet at Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana

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On the second day of Ramadan, I was invited at a press and blogger Iftar dinner buffet.

Iftar or "breakfast" refers to the evening meal when fasting Muslims break their fast at sundown. It is one of the religious observance of Ramadan and it is done with the family or with the community.

Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana lavishly prepares sumptuously rich Iftar meals every night for the whole month of Ramadan. Join them for Iftar for AED 149/person or Suhoor at AED 100/ person and get a chance to be one of the daily lucky winners with weekend stays and meal vouchers for 2 or be the grand prize winner of 2 business class airline tickets with Turkish Airlines.

I arrived thirty minutes early for Iftar at Liwan. The facade of the restaurant was in silhouette as the sun shines behind the stained glass which gave it this golden glow.

Inside Liwan, the setting sun was in all its splendor

Tables are set exquisitely with candles already burning inside brightly colored brass lamps, silky red table runners and a wooden box filled with nuts and dried fruits, sumptuously looking dishes are served and last minute preps are made while waiting for Maghrib prayers to be followed by breaking of the fast.

the staff pouring some olive oil into the humus 
He was snap happy while showing me this enormous cylindrical tray of lamb ouzi before anyone else could lay their forks in it.

When we're about to start with the cold mezze and appetizers we have gathered on our plate, this gentleman approached us to serve some steaming hot Arabic coffee and dates.

Then I remember how my brother used to break his fast. He will eat two or three dates and drink some milk first. He would wait for five minutes or so before having a proper meal. He said dates have natural sugars and it keeps the blood sugar on normal levels once you break the fast and it is gentle on the stomach.

I love dates even the fresh ones but I confess that this is the first time (there is always a first time) I am tasting Arabic coffee. I should say that dates and Arabic coffee goes well together, just like chocolates, they're both bitter and sweet.

On with our appetizers, my friend Roselle of Kero's Celebration and I shared a plate of cold mezze (moutabal and tabouleh), labneh balls with zaatar, fattoush salad, some maki rolls and sliced fresh vegetables.

The expansive restaurant was completely dressed and beautifully accessorized in Arabian theme with wooden camels, brightly colored Moroccan style brass lamps with candles lit inside it, spices in woven cloth buckets, golden lamps in different sizes and staff wearing traditional Arab clothing.

The restaurant was already buzzing when we got up for our second plate. Also live Arabic music is being played on the background

chicken kadai, Iranian mix grill, baked chicken w/ haara, green beans and cauliflower, spring roll and labneh filled pastry
There was so much to chose from, they even had a shawarma station

Dessert was a gorgeous display of cakes, pastries and Arabic sweets.

Iftar at Liwan was made even sweeter bonding with friends and meeting new ones that I only get to meet online. Finally shake hands with Ion Gonzaga of Boy Dubai and Mitz of Mitzee Mee. I didn't know PinayFlyingHigh was also there, would love to meet her too.

Thank you Ferry for inviting us, I had such a wonderful night. Love this photo of selfie with the bloggers

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