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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Micas Sports Days

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Here I am again never tired of my rants...never mind because my daughter is growing so fast. I don't want to miss any single part of it, it's like documenting every single one of them so she sees and read it here and she know she can rely in every word I wrote here and when she has questions about her childhood she can always ask me or read MYB if I am not around.

I wasn't as lucky as her, there were no computers when I was a kid and blogging wasn't invented yet, camera phones are non-existent and even cameras are rare to middle class families in my country. I have few snaps of my childhood on different occasions and I vaguely remember everything that happens to me except for few unforgettable ones and the ones that my mom told me while I was growing up.

Let's not take this post to a different level, I just want to share my daughter's stories with you. This is simply about the annual sports day at her school. This type of activity at school teaches children that physical fitness is important for a fit body and mind. Not just that, it teaches them team work, camaraderie, friendship, competitivenes, and acceptance, more so it is fun to participate in this kind of events at school.

When Mica was in KG 1 and KG 2, the sports day is held at school premises only. During her 1st and 2nd grade, they move to a bigger venue at Dubai Police Stadium where all students from Grade 1 to 8 participate in the event. I still have the video of Mica during her KG 1 sports day and whenever we watch that, me and my husband could not stop giggling, she looks so cute while doing the jumping jacks which she hardly did right, it doesn't matter actually, she exerted efforts to it and did what she can do. We love that moment when we first saw her run and have fun with her classmates.

Mica - KG 1 @ 3 years old-first on the left - waiting for the cue from her teacher

Mica - Grade 1 @ 5 years old - lemon relay first in line next to the girl in yellow

Mica - Grade 2 @ 6 years old - aerobic excercise - girls line on the left - fourth in line wearing orange T

Did you notice that I don't have the KG 2 picture, could not locate it in my hard drive. sigh!

Ok so thats that, her annual sports day. Mica is now seven years old and in Grade 3, she is more eager to learn and have more fun. We are looking forward to a fruitful year ahead. Love you anak.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mica's colorful and vibrant costumes at schools annual concerts

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Every year, my daughter school hold its annual concert where the students showcase their talents in dancing, singing, and acting. It is a much awaited event of the year and we are always excited to see our daughter perform on stage wearing colorful costumes and/or pretty dresses. The students are from many nationalities living in Dubai and so it is a melting pot of cultures, what I like the most is the school puts a lot of effort to incorporate the things students learned in the school to their performances

Year after year the concert has different themes and Mica has always been actively participating in the annual concert event of her school

This is Mica with teacher Shekina-KG 1 Daisies

KG 1 Daisies dancing in the tune of Chocolate

Mica and her classmates inside the classroom as they wait for their turn to perform, Elisha was attentively listening to what Mica was saying, God knows what they are talking about, they all look so cute in their shiny colorful Indian style costumes. - KG 2 Daisies

This time around, they are dancing in the tune of Moja He Moja Jab We Met

This act was about the story of the mouse and the lion, something that has a moral lesson thought to children - Grade 1 - G

My daughter with her classmates after their opening song WELCOME, yeah this time they sing - Grade 2 E

Mica likes to sing more than to dance but she can follow the steps, I'd really hope that my daughter grow up to be a good singer not like her mom who always out of tune :( :p

From the baby that she was to a little girl now

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dubai School Transport Safety

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Accidents happen and school bus drivers must  be cautious and mindful their driving to avoid it. I think that the school bus driver and school bus nannies must make sure that the children are seated and buckled up before they move the vehicle, afterall these are children they are transporting everyday, they are not adults who have strong body motion control. The slightest impact or sudden break can throw a child to a few meters. Please practice safe driving school bus drivers.

photo credit

This morning I received a call from my daughters teacher telling me to come to school immediately because Mica had an accident. I was terrified but try to get first hand information over the phone from her before storming to the school. She said Mica slipped while getting on the school bus this morning and when she reached the school her right ankle was already swollen and that it was painful. She said that the school nurse already gave her first aid but it needs to be checked by a doctor. I grew more worried, I knew it was something serious.

I just finished my morning exercise and I was getting ready for work when she called, good I was dressed and was ready to go. I called my husband to tell him what happened he was so worried but I told him not to worry as I am on my way to her, then I hit the road. When I reached the school they are already waiting for me, I found her at the school clinic bed with her right foot wrapped with bandage. The school nurse briefed me again how the incident happened and the status of her foot. My daughter told me the other side of the story. She was just in the middle of the bus and not yet seated when the driver started moving the vehicle and because she lost her balance she slipped and hurt her foot, it must have landed on a wrong position. I told them this but I don't want any argument, I am more concern of my daughter and to which nearest hospital I can take her.

A friend and I took her to Zuleka hospital, the one nearest to the school. The pediatric-orthopedic doctor was not available and we were referred to the orthopedic doctor. He examined Mica's right foot and after we were taken to the lab for an x-ray. It shows that Mica had fractured her ankle. The doctor put an orthopedic cast on her foot and she was ask to stay home for seven days where she has to keep her leg elevated at all times for at least two days. I was thankful enough that the school year was almost over and they had finished their assessments before this happened but I was also upset because she will miss the remaining school days, those are the days when the kids are having fun, playing with friends whom they will not see untill the next school year, Mica was actually excited about her year end school party so I will make sure she is able to attend.

 I gave the medical report to the school supervisor and I raised my concern ragarding transport safety. The transport manager assured me that a proper measure will be taken and they will make sure that drivers adhere to safe driving.

**Dubai imposes new rules all bus drivers must know
• Be driven by a qualified bus driver who has undergone RTA training
• Be painted yellow
• Have ‘School Bus’ clearly marked in English and Arabic, on both sides, the front and the rear
• Be fitted with a lit, red pop-out ‘Stop’ sign to warn oncoming traffic that children are alighting and angled mirrors so the driver can see all sides of the bus
• Have at least one warden travelling on every bus so that children under 12 can be guided on and off safely
• Carry a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and have lap belts fitted on all seats
• Not have middle aisle fold-down seats, armrests, ashtrays or other solid fixtures on which kids could bang their heads
• Have emergency exits on both sides of the bus
• Not exceed 80kmph
• Be properly air conditioned

Have you ever been in the same situation? What kind of action have you taken?

**Time Out Dubai
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Loving Memory

Education is the key to eradicate Poverty. Takbo para sa libreng edukasyon.

A man in his late forties was walking along the street of a local province carrying a wooden woven basket filled with different types of desserts. He is literally moving from one house to another to sell what’s in his basket and tries to finish it before noon time as the sun gets too hot by then. He will shout at the top of his lungs so people will hear him coming. He does this every single day.

The man is a friendly and cheerful person by nature and everyone knows and likes him. He loves to tell jokes and chat with anyone who talks to him. He is a man of honor and dignity. In his looks, you will easily understand that he came from a poor family.

During his young age, he started working in order to help his parents support the family of twelve, he is the third child. He did not even finish elementary as he is forced to work. There was not enough money to send him to school too. He is smart and even he did not finish school he is able to read and write. He read books that he borrowed from friends during his free time. Growing up, he did not have so much fun as he is task to take care of his little brothers and sisters too.

During his teens, a stroke of luck comes his way, once he had a friend who introduces him to a Chinese Chef who taught him how to cook Chinese food. From there, he was able to earn for a living. He was first hired to cook for a wealthy Chinese family who was kind enough to teach him how to dress up well and talk appropriately to people. When the family moved back to China, he started using his earned skills. He was then invited to cook for weddings, birthday parties, baptism, debut and he was even ask to cook for fiestas with big crowds and was paid a decent sum of money. He sometimes takes one or two of his sisters to work as helpers and was paid too. However, this kind of service he is giving is also occasional. Sometimes, he is not receiving any invitation at all.

Life goes on as usual, a veterinarian befriended him who used to come to their neighborhood to take care of some animals, and this guy had a pretty sister whom he gets married to later on. He married at the age of thirty three and the girl was at her late twenties. They were blessed with three healthy children. Life was not very easy when they started their own family. His father-in-law who is also a veterinarian used to earn good money and he was always there to help them. He even helped him to put up a decent Nipa Hut for the couple. This became their love nest and a home to their family.

For years, they spent working in order to make both ends meet and they try hard enough to send their three children to school. Debts are here and there. Poverty did not stop them from giving the best gift they could give to their two daughters and son -that's EDUCATION. He and his wife together with their kids were full of dreams. They wanted them to have a beautiful life better than what they have right now.

After years of hard work, their children finished school and are now having decent jobs abroad.

The man passed away even before the youngest child could finish her studies in college and so the sister promised her father that she will support her studies until she graduates. She did not disappoint him as the youngest child did finished school as promised. She even helped her brother to get a job abroad. His passing left the family devastated; they could not accept the fact that the man who supported them all the way in the most decent way he knows already left them. They have so many plans for him, his hardships must be paid off, the children plan to give him a comfortable life but his tired body gave up. He died of cardiac arrest, and there was nothing the family can do about it anymore.

It’s been 10 years ago when the man died, the life that his children have right now is very far from the life they had when they were young. All credits to their parents especially to their father who live up to the saying that “the best gift parents can give to their children is EDUCATION.”

Indeed, education eradicates poverty; it elevates the lives of people from one step to another. When a man is educated, he is able to get a better job, a higher salary that can buy good food, nice clothes, and a beautiful house, send kids to good schools, and it definitely makes his life easier. He also becomes a beacon of success to his parents, a trophy for their hardships.

The man’s children are able to acquire a concrete house for the aging mother, decent enough for her to stay cozy, a lot at a pretty landscaped memorial park for the remains of their father, and all three of them are now having their own families with them abroad except for the son who decided that his family is better off in his home country. They all have good lives now better than what they have when they were young. All of their kids are going to school, living up to the saying that their father lived up to, THE BEST GIFT PARENTS CAN GIVE TO THEIR CHILDREN IS EDUCATION.

This post is in support to one of our fellow blogger Stacey 's campaign for free education "Isang Araw Lang: Takbo Para sa Libreng Kolehiyo" (Just One Day: For Free Education) - a fun run/marathon event that will grant Free College Education (which means free tuition fees, free books, free uniforms, and free meals) to Filipino students who want to study but cannot afford to do so.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spirit of Sport - 2009 Inner Flame Igniting Motivation

Yesterday is one of the many special days in my little girls life at school. She is in grade one at The Apple International School in Dubai. It was their annual sports day which was held at the Dubai Police Stadium in Garhoud.
The many benifits of sports to children includes a fun and enjoyable experience that motivates them more to participate, next to it is that it provides the arena for youth to be physically active. Letting our kids participate in sports related activity keeps them away from sedentary pursuits such as televsion watching and this can translate to a healthier lifestyle both now and in the future.
Being physically active provides important health benifits such as good body composition(less body fat) stronger bones, greater mascular strength and better endurance.

Participation gives youth the opportunity to learn a variety of motor and sports related skills such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing and many more.

When a child is both psychologically and physically ready to participate, it can give a child an opportunity to develope self-competence in their skills, self esteem and moral competence. It also helps them to learn social skills and make friends. They also learn to work with a team.

With so many benifits that sports can bring to Lanna's life, we are so supportive of her school activities. Now, I would love to share with you some snaps of the event.

Reciting of Quoran

Parade of Students

The UAE Flags and The Apple International Flag

Balloons on air

Grade 1 Students Section G holding small UAE Flags

Lime relay for Grade 1 students

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