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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seafood Sundays and more at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai

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Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai recently introduced Epicurean Nights. It's a journey of discovery of some of the finest cuisines from across the world.

Embarking on this epicurean journey, I was invited to try their Seafood Sundays. 

Metro! is the hotels all day dining restaurant located on the 5th floor. The floor to ceiling windows gives you sweeping views of the busy Sheikh Zayed Road and all its skyscrapers. It's bright green furnishings gave accents to the clean white wall finish.

The dinner service starts at 6:30 pm but the invitation I received says 7:30 pm. I decided to come half an hour early to be sure I can have a good look at the spread as well as take photos while everything is still intact but I guess the good stuff are not meant to last.

Steamed Grouper Fish
but there are far better things if you know where to look

Live cooking station and fresh seafood
the live cooking station was the highlight of the buffet. Freshest catch of the day in a bed of ice where you can plate your pick and the chef will cook it for you.

There was not a time that the station got vacant so I settled for nevertheless equally delicious and satisfying dishes on the spread

chef preparing the seafood dishes at the love cooking station
the cold seafood station has succulent prawns, muscles, crabs and lobster ready to eat. Have it plain or build a salad. It's all up to you

cold seafood station

smoked fish

smoked salmon mousse
I started my dinner with some hearty seafood minestrone soup followed by some seafood ceviche uniquely served on a shell and different smoked fishes.

then there's my plate of everything else. I took small portions of each so I can have a taste. There's cheese sambousek, steamed fish fillets, steamed vegetables, mixed vegetables, prawns, grilled salmon with mint sauce, beef medallions, potatoes and beef kadhai.

Every single dish on this plate was delicious but the one that really stands out was the fish I got from the almost finished steamed hammour. No wonder it was the first to go but I wonder why it was not replenished during the service.

We're not so keen to queue at the live cooking station just because there was no chance. Every time we come to choose, there were so many people that beat us to it plus the main dishes on the spread was enough to satiate our seafood and meat cravings.

The husband indulged and dug in seafood literally.

I let the kids chose their food. Prince ate prawns and crab from the cold seafood station with some steamed rice while my daughter who ate very little these days watching her waistline had prawn tempura, beef medallions, and potatoes.

For dessert, we had some exotic rice pudding which I find very comforting because it is somewhat similar to one of our native sweets back home. Then my favorite sweet cheese rolls and some fresh fruits from this beautiful arrangements.

The service was exceptional. I was happy with our server, she speaks English fluently, she was pleasantly chatty, attentive and clears our table quickly; the chefs, knowledgeable of their dishes. We are also pleased to meet the Management that night and was able to thank them for having us.

Metro has different themed nights so make sure to check them out, chose your favorite foodie destination and have dinner with your friends and family

You can dine around the world without leaving Dubai at Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai's Epicurean Nights

Seafood Sundays - Enjoy a mouthwatering variety of the freshest seafood delicacies including crabs, oysters, prawns and other treasures of the sea. The ‘catch of the day’ is prepared at a live cooking station with indulgent desserts offering the perfect end to the meal for AED 159* per person with unlimited soft beverages from 6.30pm – 11.30pm.

Mediterranean Mondays Delight your senses with an irresistible array of Mediterranean tastes and indulge your appetite with an extensive buffet complimented by a live food station and salad bar for only AED 129* per person with unlimited soft beverages from 6.30pm – 11.30pm.

BBQ Nights – Every Wednesday and Thursday Step into the weekend with the BBQ Nights as the air fills up with aromas of irresistible charcoal grill featuring the best of Asian, American and Oriental flavors with a succulent selection of delicious barbecued seafood and meats for AED 139* per person with unlimited soft beverages from 7:00 pm to 11 pm.

Far Eastern Fridays – Every Friday Embark on a timeless journey to the Far East and savor flavorful delicacies from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and China for only AED129* per person with unlimited soft beverages from 6.30pm to11.30pm.

Family Brunch Saturdays Kickoff your Saturday with a cheerful family brunch buffet featuring a sumptuous selection of the best dishes from all of the epicurean nights. Gather your family or a group of friends and head to this fabulous brunch venue and enjoy discounted spa voucher giveaways while the little ones enjoy exciting and fun activities. The Family Brunch is priced at AED 159* per person with unlimited soft beverages from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai,The United Arab Emirates
191055 Dubai UAE
T +971 4 387 7777Accessible via Emirates Towers Metro Station
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