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Sunday, November 21, 2010

GO Overseas: Blogs We Love in the United Arab Emirates


Go Overseas no longer has its Top 10 Blogs in the UAE because the list is growing and it now has 15 lovely blogs on the list including yours truly at number 12.

I am truly honored that despite the fact that sometimes my thoughts get tangled up, I am able to contribute articles with high quality content in the blogging community.

"I enjoyed reading through your content and learning a little more about life in the UAE.
I am delighted to inform you that all of our staff agree that your blog definitely deserves to be included in our list of top blogs in the UAE. Congratulations! We're confident our users will enjoy reading your content as much as we have." A.D.

Thank you Go Overseas for having me on your list, it is such an honor. Thank you to my lovely readers, commentators and everyone who appreciates Yellow Bells.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Statistics

Blogger keeps on evolving. I could not have been happier did I not use blogger as it is very user friendly that even a non-techie like me will be able to maintain an own website. I couldn't thank you enough, the people behind blogger, you guys are genius.

Another tab was added recently by Blogger, the STAT Tab, with this tab I don't need to subscribe to a third party application anymore just to see the traffic report of Yellow Bells. With the STAT Tab, I am able to check where the traffic in my blog is coming from, who are viewing my site, which entries are popular and things like that. Popularity wise, my entry for PEBA 2010 "Their heart is my home" is top on the list for all time while an entry entitled 8 Ways to Break a Man's Heart is next to it but tops the monthly category more than my scandalous post Pinay Scandal-the battle continues which I wrote for the purpose of driving traffic to my blog. Here are the stats of my popular post, it is not huge but it does serve its purpose. Thank you guys for reading my posts.

Not only that, the article 8 Ways to Break a Man's Heart ranks first on the google search when I type "ways to break a mans heart'. Due to curiosity of its popularity and ranks seventh when I typed "breaking a man's heart" I Google it and here is the result. Hmmmm...that's why...

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