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In Dubai even the tunnels are pretty too!

One more week of fasting and Ramadan will be over and you must be planning for your Eid holidays by now. It is also one week left before everything gets back to normal and when I say normal it includes working hours and the dreadful traffic we battle everyday to and from our workplaces in Dubai.

One day of getting stuck and board in traffic for two hours, maybe almost 30 minutes only at the Dubai Airport Tunnel helps me find something to while a way the time.

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Eid-ul-Fitr Greetings!


Here is to all who had triumphantly finished the whole month of fasting!

To my dearest Kuya, wishing you a very happy eid-ul-fitr, i hope that you receives Allah's blessing everyday of your life, i love you bro, always take care of yourself, we are always here for you!
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I Miss Pinas-1,000x

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I was about to finish an article yesterday, I wanted to publish it but on the second thought I wanted to write another post, something fun and can lighten up my day, something that can make me happy and my readers happy.

Actually, I miss a lot of things about the Philippines, don't you? It's been a while that we are away, isn't it? I miss things like...

Eating champorado (hot chocolate rice porridge) poured with alaska or carnation evaporated milk and tuyo cooked by my mom and/or sister-in-law while it is raining cats and dogs outside. There is no school and work due to high storm signal,  Goto and sopas are some of my favorites too

Dancing and running in the rain with relatives and friends- a childhood experience I will never forget, I love stomping my feet on puddles over and over again while hearing our crisp laughter reverberate in thin air

Hear the sound of potpot in the morning for the pandesal (bun) and bowling (another kind of bun) matching with my favorite dairy cream, the smell of fresh bread for breakfast and taho in the mid morning sipping it while its hot and sweet, rice cakes and binatog for merienda and how about balot at night while the moon shine full oh wow...

An interesting and relaxing afternoon siesta and tea time while chatting with aunts and cousins at the veranda overlooking the main street hearing kids play soccer ball, bicycling and rollerblading...

In the province, you get fruits for free like mango, caimito, santol, guava, tamarind, avocado, suha, buko and a lot more tropical fruits availble unlike here where you have to pay for everything

The roosters cry that signals the beginning of new dawn and the noise of the busy street already packed with cars

In the place where I grew up, I used to hunt for butterflies, dragonflies and damselfly, me and my siblings with our cousins used to swim in the fresh clean water of the river beside our hut, it was clean until the erruption of Mt. Pinatubo and now its filthy.

To top it all, I miss my mom 1,000 times. I long to be with her, to be under her care and my kids and my family as well. I wish she is here with us or the other way around.

I said I want to make my readers happy instead I think I made you feel homesick like me, that's ok it's nice to remember and talk about the things we used to do back home, it keeps me sane, dont you?
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Celebrating Christmas in Dubai

UAE is a Muslim country but then Dubai and the rest of its Emirates are open cities. Almost 60% of its workforce depends on expatriates coming from different countries that have different culture and religion living peacefully and harmoniously in the land of oil and sand. Muslims celebrate Eid, Hindu celebrates Diwali and Christians or Catholic celebrate Christmas freely in their own way and its being respected completely.

To celebrate Christmas in UAE is totally different in celebrating Christmas in the Philippines in the sense that only those Catholic or Christian populations celebrates it and not as whole country.

Dubai is a friendly place to celebrate Christmas and the government of UAE has nothing against it. For the last seven years that I have celebrated it here, it is nothing different in the Philippines.

When we came to Dubai, we carry our culture with us. After
Eid Al Adha celebration of our Muslim brothers, it became a family tradition to decorate our house or our room with Christmas ornaments that we have been keeping from the last nine months. Like in the Philippines, we also observe the longest Christmas preparation and celebration here in Dubai. As the time draws near, we also plan of how we will celebrate it, what food should be on our dinner table on Christmas Eve, of course it will never be complete without all traditional Filipino dishes, what gift to be wrapped in fancy papers for our dear friends and loved ones, buy new clothes to wear on that very special occasion dedicated specially in commemorating the birth of our Savior, and also plan for parties with friends and officemates where some are also having their "monito monita" for fun. Write letters to Santa and complete our wish list.

There are also several Catholic Churches in UAE like Saint Mary's Church and Saint Francis of Asisi in Dubai and Saint Michaels Church in Sharjah where one can attend and complete "Simbang Gabi". Inside the church premises, traditional "puto bumbong" and "bibingka" are also being sold by the Filipino community so one can also enjoy this native sweets after the mass.

On Christmas day, we also visit relatives if there is any and friends for those who are bachelors, this year since Christmas falls on a Friday so it is the best time to visit them since we are off from work.

You see there is not much difference in celebrating Christmas in UAE in my own perspective. Even in a foreign land like this, I can still celebrate it the most traditional Filipino way I know and I am doing it to inculcate it in my daughters mind that we Filipinos have our own way of celebrating Christmas and I want her to know deep in her heart what is the meaning and purpose of all this celebration.We must not forget one thing, that Christmas beyond all the lights and celebration is the time of giving and showing our love for one another. It is the time of forgiving afterall, it is the main reason why Jesus was born.

Home Decor for Christmas

Now, I want you to take a peek in our humble room that me and my family dutifully decorate with Christmas ornaments and a very special tree. This is our Christmas tree. Its the second year we have this. The very first fir tree we had was sent to my mom in the Philippines so she can use it at home. We bought it from Dragon Mart for AED 150. The red and gold ornaments are from Ace Hardware and some are curtesy of Marks and Spencer when my sister is working there here in Dubai.
These are snowflakes made of cutout paper. I made it myself with the help of Lanna then we stick it at the glass door on the way out of our terrace. I just wanted to have a feel of snow at home.

This is the holy leaf that I also made myself. Who says it has to be expensive, one just have to play with the immagination and voila, I have this wonderful ornament for my altar. Isn't it wonderful?

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