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Monday, November 08, 2021

Choosing a Ball Gown for Desert Rose Parade

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Blue Satin Gown

Out of probably 20+ gowns we tried, she only liked one. A simple blue satin gown. I was hoping she would want something more lavish. Although we were thrifting since it is going to be a one-time use, there are many nice gowns to choose from at the thrift shop. Borrowing was another option but we found it difficult due to size constraints. The blue gown cost 65 dirhams only. Not bad for the price but design-wise, it was not good enough for me. I was actually hoping she would choose the green one as it has a nicer cut but nope, my persuasion was in vain.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Floral Sheath Dress for Spring

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We dine at Shayan Persian Restaurant to celebrate Nowruz Festival or the first day of spring earlier this month.

I wore this red floral sheath dress I got from R&B Apparel. It is very comfortable and I love how it accentuates my voluptuous figure.

I paired it with my red wedged espadrille (not in the photo). For extra coverage since the dress is sleeveless, I wore a black top on top of it because the weather in Dubai is very unpredictable these days. I am always cold so I always need an extra layering piece.

Also wore it at work with a black cardigan with a flat sandals.

For a more dressy look to wear on night outs this spring, I was looking for a perfect pair of black strappy sandals to go with it. It can also be white or red and maybe a pretty jacket will be perfect as a layering piece. I went online and saw that Zalora has a broad range of stylish footwear for women. Click here to view the selection.

I have another dress for spring that is waiting for this particular shoes I was looking for. I don't know but my feet has changed and it suddenly became very sensitive. I favour comfort over looks so I take my time choosing my footwear these days. I have quite a few shoes I don't wear any more because it hurts to wear them. I'm really hoping to find that perfect pair real soon.

You know I seldom do an outfit post, I dress according to what's comfortable for me but I'd like to learn how to dress up for my body shape so I will try to do more fashion post, my daughter will also be having her own outfit post from time to time so watch this page for updates.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can style this floral dress? Let me know in the comments.
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Why Are All The Boys In My Yard?

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We were into a lot of quotable quotes lately and I've been giving mom the low-down of what I am learning at school. I guess it got into her, she bought me this pretty grey top from Max Fashion with "why are all the boys in my yard?" question. I find it too cute with that ice cream with a cherry on top. I wore it when we went to the mall.

I am also wearing my uber comfy blue stretchable jeans from H&M, shoes from converse and bag from H&M.

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A White Number

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So we came down to see the International Street Theatre and Comedy Fair at Al Ghurair Center, better known as DubFest 2015.

My daughter Micaela told me she wants to be a blogger like me, a fashion blogger to be exact. I have no objections, she is free whatever she wants to do as long as she is safe and keep school as her priority.

I asked her if she wants to co-author My Yellow Bells and she was ecstatic. I know it will not be easy but we can start with small steps until she is ready. She already shared too many ideas with me but for now she will be my model for each fashion post.

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Max Fashion
Bag: H&M

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