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Sinampalukang Isda (Tilapia/Sea Bream) Pang-alis Umay!

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 After Christmas and New Year holidays, do you feel you've had enough of the leftovers? I feel the same way. I needed something to break away from it. The first craving I've had was a very Pinoy fish dish. 

Sinampalukang isda. Some would think of it as sinigang but it is not sinigang.

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Asian Style Steamed Sea Bream

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We love a good seafood dish at home...

and we love sea bream. It is a delicious fish, a versatile one. You can do so much to it. It is good for steaming, frying, and grilling. It is also an elegant looking fish to serve during gatherings.

What I'm going to share with you today is this Asian Style Steamed Sea Bream.
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Sharjah Fish Market

Fish market in the Dubai and Sharjah are clean, organized, centralized, do not use digital weighing scale, vendors wear uniforms mostly Pakistani men and ONLY MEN never find any women in the fish market selling fresh fish which I find the latter a bit odd.

I already featured here the Dubai Fish Market and now that we live in Sharjah, we now go to the Sharjah Fish Market often, it is opposite the bus station in Rolla area and still a popular place to get the fresh catch.

The fish market gets busy during weekends and a lot of our Pinoy fellas come here too. Some vendors speak the Tagalog names of the fish they sell which they learned from Pinoy customers.

This is our suki (patron), my mom said it is always good to have a trusted vendor because you get more discount and sometimes you get more for free. But having a suki doesn't mean that you will be complacent, sometimes some vendors hand are fast in slipping yesterdays stock to your shopper and its too late to know that you did not get one hundred percent of what you paid for. When buying fish and seafood be sure to check that the eyes of the fish are still clear and the body is firm with pink gills, smells good (fishy) and trust your instinct that what you see looks fresh.

For so many years this same old type of weighting scale is used, I have doubts about it that I am not getting the right weight as compared to the digital or normal weighting scale but everyone in this place still use this until now.

I think these are baby sharks because they look like sharks, do you eat sharks? Me? A big NO. Some of our favorite fish include milk fish or bangus, tilapia, hasa-hasa, tambakol, and tuna, we also like prawns, crab, and squid.

Opposite the Sharjah fish market is the meat & poultry, fruit and vegetable, and date fruit markets where you can get fresh meat and produce.

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Tuna and Prawn Kebabs

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We are having fish and other seafood for almost two weeks now. Mica was already asking why we are having fish almost every day. I simply replied to her that it is healthy to eat fish. Why? because we get addicted to it, not because we just feel like it.

I try to make the most out of the seafood and create some delicious Pinoy recipes not limited to frying. On the first week, we bought about a kilo of squid, shrimp, hasa-hasa, tambakol and tuna from Sharjah fish market where it is cheaper and fresh (I will tell you about Sharjah fish market in my next post and why having a suki is good). I cooked adobong pusit, sinigang na hipon, sweet chili shrimps, fried hasa-hasa with matching sauteed tomato with egg and chili tambakol with coconut milk while the tuna was intended for grilling. I found a good recipe for tuna marinade.

For 1 1/2 kilo of Tuna
2 tbsp of onions
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
dried or fresh rosemary herb
olive oil

Pureed the ingredients above in a blender pouring the olive oil as you do it. Add it to evenly cut cubes of tuna meat and vegetables including green capsicum, tomatoes, onions and button mushroom, refrigerate for an hour or overnight before grilling

Grill until cooked and serve with rice and chili lemon/calamansi soy sauce.

On the second week, we bought a kilo of medium-sized prawn, tilapia, one big size milkfish, squid, and galunggong. I stuff the tilapia with tomatoes, onions and fresh parsley, salt, and pepper and grilled it. The milkfish became (daing na bangus) butterfly fish marinated in garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper and fried later on. The medium sized prawn was our dinner last night which was also grilled. I don't have a photo of it though.

To prepare the prawn, remove the heads and skin leaving just the tail, slit and remove the abdominal segment.

In the marinade goes paprika, salt and pepper, dried rosemary herb, and Worcestershire sauce. If you have time, refrigerate for an hour or overnight. Since we are so hungry when we reached home yesterday I immediately put the skewers on the grill.

Thread in the skewer with tomatoes and green capsicum ( you can also add button mushrooms and sweet onions), grill both sides for total of 10-15 minutes until done, don't overcook to keep prawn tender and succulent.

Serve with rice and chili lemon/calamansi soy sauce or with Maggi savor.

These recipes are good for grilling and you can take to the park for celebrating Eid with your friends and family.
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