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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Irritated Eyes

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blink, scratch, blink again, scratch, blink harder, scratch more...

oh my this is getting harder. what on earth was I thinking, I should have changed my contact lenses right after it get smeared with mascara last Tuesday. I shouldn't have cleansed, stored and use again. Now its a disaster. imagine me struggling to write this article, oh I get red and teary eyed.

one of my colleague came to me and saw my eyes like this, red and tired, and told me that I should have with me my glasses, an eye drop and my contact lens container and solution. Right, I know, but I am so stubborn I keep thinking that I don't need them and that my contacts will work just fine everyday for the whole day while I am at the office, boy I am wrong...with air conditioning this high and cold, with so much dust outside and with the sweltering weather...I should have what?

deal with it and wait until I get my hands on my spare contact lenses at home.

I don't remember when I started using contact lenses, I used to have my Prada eye wear but I grew tired of wearing it, I feel old when I am wearing it so I put it away, I only wear it when I am at home or when I don't have my contact lens on. I still have it though, the frame is quite expensive say like $270 so I don't want to give it up, I just have to upgrade the lenses, that's all.

the contact lenses that I am using costs $44 for three pairs,each pair is good for a month.The lady who assisted me from Visual Optics DIFC branch gave me another new pair to wear so I don't have to open the new J&J box of contact lenses that I bought. Great, that's the discount part. :) 
Lesson learned, keep the essentials on the bag so when accidents happen, I am well prepared. 
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