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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dubai Water Canal by Night

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When we learned about the permanent closure of Jumeirah Beach to make way for the Dubai Water Canal Project, we were saddened. It's one of our favorite beach parks in Dubai.

Fast forward to today, we are happy to see the project came to being and now has become another popular (still shaping up) and newest destination in Dubai. Knowing that Jumeirah Beach is undergoing re-development makes us all the more excited. I am sure it's going to be bigger and better than ever.

Dubai Water Canal Project is an extension of the Deira Creek linking Business Bay to Arabian Gulf. The part where you can find the pink waterfall is called the Crystal Lagoon and the land soon to be developed along the canal is called the Public Realm.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fun Friday Morning at Splash N' Party Jumeirah Dubai

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There's a new aqua-park exclusively built for kids in Jumeirah here in Dubai and we had the chance to visit it a couple of weekends ago.

Splash N' Party is an amazing place and we all had a wonderful Friday morning spent with them. It's a one-villa compound developed to a unique recreational playground, aquatic park and a party venue in one.

Splash N' Party is an ideal place for the whole family. A safe and great place for our little ones to have a splash to their heart's content.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Legoland Dubai: Sneak Preview of The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure

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Legoland Dubai is due to open on October 31st, 2016. That's by the end of this month or just after 10 days!

We are all excited to see Legoland rise up from the sands of Dubai and I'm sure all the kids can't wait. Every day my son would tell me about Legoland.

My kids lighted up when I told them we are going to Legoland Dubai. While it is not open to the public yet, we were invited to a sneak preview of the Lego Movie 4D The New Adventure and this 4D movie is exclusively shown at Legoland properties worldwide. The movie is 3D combined with the physical effect that occurs in the studio such as rain, the wind, snow, strobe lights, and vibration effects making the experience unforgettable.

Arriving at Legoland Dubai, the children had a meet and greet with Emmet and Wyldstyle, the main characters in the Lego Movie.

 John - Legoland Operations Manager welcomed us all before the movie starts.

Yup, that's right, LEGOLAND® Dubai’s ‘First to Play’ Annual Pass families are basically the very first guest of Legoland Dubai.

Watch a video of the final tour around LEGOLAND® Dubai before opening day on 31 October 2016 here

"LEGOLAND® Dubai is the ultimate world of year-round LEGO® theme park adventures for families with children aged 2-12. It will feature over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions and 15,000 LEGO® model structures made from over 60 million LEGO® bricks. LEGOLAND® Dubai will feature six themed lands - LEGO® CITY, ADVENTURE, KINGDOMS, IMAGINATION, FACTORY and MINILAND - each unique in their design, entertainment and playful learning experience. 

Located adjacent to LEGOLAND® Dubai, LEGOLAND® Water Park is the only water park in the region designed specifically for kids aged 2-12 and their families. It will include over 20 water slides and attractions.

Opening in October 2016, LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park are located at Dubai Parks & Resorts."
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last Exit: Dubai's First Food Truck Park

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A full blown food truck craze has hit Dubai. Now we have them all in one place!

Meraas call it (E11) the Last Exit.


Because the new food truck haven is located in Jebel Ali near the last exit on Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi going back to Dubai.

It's near Ghantoot, the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"Last Exit is a unique food truck park destination offering commuters and visitors alike a wide selection of fresh and tasty street food and many other convenient services in a fun atmosphere. Inspired by the American food truck stops, the Last Exit is the first of its kind in the region and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply, a snack on the way – 24/7."-Meraas

For you to reach this place, you have to drive all the way to the last exit on E11 road, take the Ghantoot Interchange, take a u-turn towards Dubai, drive a few hundred meters and you will see it on the right side

You will be greeted by this pretty awesome pile of cars!

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Dubai Miracle Garden

This post was long overdue since we visited Dubai Miracle Garden few days after Christmas but I guess it is just the right time to post it in celebration of Spring.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Atlantis the Palm

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Photo by Werner Bayer
The grand Atlantis The Palm hotel is one of the iconic Dubai landmarks that locals and tourists know well. Located at the top of the legendary artificial palm-shaped island Atlantis is a 5-star, all-inclusive resort is an extraordinary experience for the guests who stay within its extensive walls.

Opened in 2008 Atlantis The Palm has 1,500 guestrooms and suites equipped with balconies overlooking The Palm and the Persian Gulf. There are also two underwater suites which look into the Ambassador Lagoon for those who feel like sleeping under the sea!

In addition to immaculately designed accommodations Atlantis The Palm also features a wide selection of international cuisine at its in-house restaurants, open to guests of Atlantis as well as the general public. These restaurants are created and maintained by world-class chefs and professional wait staff who greet diners with wonderful cuisine options and excellent service.

There are activities appropriate for every age group at Atlantis. Visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium with your family before taking an extraordinary swim in Dolphin Bay; take a night off and let your teenagers roam in one of the supervised clubs just for them. Your vacation can be tailored to fit you down to the last detail which makes for a spectacular trip!

Photo by Werner Bayer
The Atlantis is located on the beach of the Persian Gulf allowing for a variety of fun water sports and swimming activities, not to mention the ability for guests to lounge peacefully near the water with a great view and great weather. If the beach isn’t enough to put you in a tranquil state book a session at the ShuiQi Spa or get a workout in at the fitness center which will calm your mind and body.

On New Year’s Eve and other days of celebration Atlantis The Palm participates in extraordinary fireworks displays that often encompass the entire Palm island. These displays are broadcast around the world and are popular amongst locals and visitors to Dubai, so get there early if you have the chance!

For more information about the activities, accommodations and experience you’ll find at Atlantis The Palm check out their website here

This post is  sponsored by Atlantis The Palm

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Photo Walk - Bastakiya Part 2

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My breakfast at the Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe was followed by a short photo walk inside the Bastakiya quarter. It is a tiny but most engaging neighborhood in old Dubai. The labyrinth alleys are lined with restored merchant houses with tall wind towers, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, souvenir and herb shop, mosque, and a soon to open coffee museum. Bastakiya is a charming step into Dubai's past.

What caught my attention the most was the Wall of  Old Dubai. The Bur Dubai wall was constructed in 1800 AD from gypsum and coral and serves as a defense wall of the old city.

The Calligraphy House

Visiting Bastakiya will give you a completely different perspective of what Dubai was like far from the glittering tall buildings and highly commercialized areas that we have now.

Sikka art fair is also being held in Bastakiya every year, it is designed to feature UAE contemporary art practices and initiatives. Sikka draws its names from the alleyways between the historic houses of Dubai aka Bastakiya, that serves as a metaphor for budding artists to develop their creativity and seek for their professional paths by participating in the art fair.

These wind towers or wind catchers are cultural icons of the city of Dubai. The old houses are equipped with wind towers to funnel air inside the house especially during summer, they are renovated and preserved and to this day, even some of the new buildings are designed to have wind towers for cultural display.

If you are in for some shopping while on the walking tour, there is a spice store, textile, and souvenirs store, just don't break the bank, save some for your entrance fee to Dubai Museum and Abra ride in the creek.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dubai Museum-your cultural heritage in the UAE

A lot has been said about Dubai Museum as I read over the Internet but first hand experience is always the best way to know and learn about a place. Our own experience last Friday, the same day we visited the Dubai Creek and The Old Bur Dubai Souk, was not just merely a family bonding but also a discovery and in-depth understanding of the cultural and historical background of our host country city. Imagine standing in the courtyard of the oldest building in Dubai which is the Al Fahidi Fort - the father of all buildings and skyscrapers of Dubai :), a silent witness of everything Dubai has been through over the years, if only it can talk then it would be the best story teller ever of Dubai's past.

The fort was built more than three centuries ago with coral and shell rubble from the sea then sealed with lime, it still stands today offering a glimpse of the countries heritage to its present local people, its resident expats and tourist alike and a visit to the Dubai Museum that is housed in Al Fahidi Fort is not to be missed while it is also important to note that the fort was once the the residence of the Ruler of Dubai, it also serves as a prison and storehouse of  ammunition in the previous years.

In the courtyard is a life size model of al khaima and al arish. Al Khaima is a typical local house with several rooms of different sizes made of palm tree branches and fibers, these houses are inhabited mostly during summer as it let draughts of air pass through it. To tell you the truth, it looks like our bahay-kubo (nippa hut) in the Philippines that is made of coconut and palm trees too, the difference is that this one is a bunggalo type while the bahay kubo is elevated a bit from the ground. I can't help myself to compare, people might be different but also the same, here they'd used what is indigenous in their region to build homes.

Al Arish is a summer house with barjeel or wind tower made of burslap pieces place on top. The wind tower is an effective means to get in breeze in all direction. I stand at the bottom of the barjeel and it really does the trick. My husband joke "old type of air conditioning". well he is quite right about it.

Inside these houses are interesting and beautiful furniture, the ideas are somewhat similar to the ones used in my country ages ago too (again :)), the huge wooden mortar and pestle is used to separate the rice grain from the husks however I don't know if this one is used for the same purpose. 

One can easily fall in love with this wooden cabinet, an antique, can I take it home as a souvenir? Please? ;p.

While in my country we have the tapayan (jar made of clay) used to store water, they have the one below in metal or steel. If we have the duyan (a wooden hammock) to put the baby to sleep, they have the one below in a triangular shape.

This bed frame reminds me of the bed in my grandfathers house photographed in one of my moms wedding pictures.

On to the next part of the museum was a a gallery of swords and khanjar or daggers and in the courtyard are some canyons and old wooden boats. A waterhole or waterwell (without water) is also at the courtyard with coins at the bottom thrown by people trying to make it as a wishing well.

Entance to the main gallery is at the tower in the south-west corner of the fort where we descent in a spiral stairs. Life size dioramas with interactive videos can be seen. It all portrays the life in Dubai before the discovery of oil in the 1960s. The street is filled with vendors, buyers and traders. A tailor, a spice shop, an iron smith, a textile vendor, carpenter line the streets.

I wanted to take souvenir photos but my family walk ahead of me as I was busy taking all these pictures. I met them almost at the end of the hall where there was one room dedicated to dhow building and marine life including UAEs pearl industry.

As I move looking for them, I passed a date farm, a falaj or an oasis just like what we saw in Al Ain before, a man pulling his camel and a diorama portraying the desert life.

Finally, in another hall are archeological finds from Al Qusais. The last stop is a suovenir shop before you are taken by the spiral stairs to the sounthern exit.

All the while, I thought Al Fahidi Fort was all that comprise the Dubai Museum untill I was taken into the tower entrance down to the winding stairs into the museum. It was all beneath the dhow that seats on this flatform lies the rich heritage of Dubai.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Revisiting Dubai Creek-Tourist Style

Last Friday after attending the holy mass at St. Mary's church and having a simple lunch of steamed rice with kare-kare, bopis and caldereta at Tagpuan restaurant in Karama, me and my family went straight to Dubai Creek. It's been a while since I told my husband I wanted us all to go ride an Abra which we have never done before (Abra is a traditional wooden boat of the UAE used for transporting goods and people back and forth in the waters of Dubai Creek. It is considered one of the oldest means of transportation in the country).

Abra ride in Dubai Creek
 An Abra full of passengers mostly Pakistani, Indians, a few Europeans, and some other Asian people

Wooden Boats in Dubai Creek
TODA ng Abra :) hehe

Without a set of things to do in mind, I thought of taking them around Bur Dubai to ride the Abra and cross the Creek towards Deira Old Souq Abra Station then take a stroll at the Deira Old Souq. Shop for some spices but since we arrived too early on Friday, the old souq was still close and opens only at 2pm after the people have gone for prayers. Since we have no business in Deira and we can't wait for an hour for the souq to open (the kids will get bored), we just took some photos, marvel at the beauty of the place and enjoy the hustle and bustle happening around us, we decided to cross the Creek to go back to Bur Dubai Abra station.

What's fun is the ride itself. It was beautiful scenery and then adds to it the winter feel on a sunny day. It was the perfect way to enjoy the Old Dubai and the Abra ride like the tourist does it.

Prince and Mica as we depart from the Bur Dubai Abra Station

For tourist who wish to enjoy and experience the Dubai Creek for a longer time, you can ask for a private Abra ride for 30 minutes or an hour for 60 AED or a hundred for the latter. We didn't take the offer because we want to bring more friends with us next time so it will be a more fun ride.

view of Deira with the Twin Towers
view of Deira with the Twin Towers

Migratory birds fly passed an RTA waterbus berth in the Dubai Creek
 Migratory birds fly passed an RTA waterbus berth in the Dubai Creek

Fishing boats
 Blue wooden ships docked in Dubai Creek, only wooden ships are allowed in these waters to keep the traditional feature

Fishing boats in Deira Creek

Deira Creek

 Migratory birds flock Dubai Creek in winter and find homage for food in its unblemished waters

After we arrived at the Bur Dubai Abra Station, we headed next to see the Bur Dubai Old Souq...
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