Coconut Shrimp

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This Sarah Carey version of coconut shrimp is something you can serve if you have special guests at home. You can double or triple the amount depending on how many people are coming and I promise it will be a sure hit.

Preparing it is like blinking three times and you're done, so quick and easy :))

The secret ingredient for this perfect shrimp recipe is the Dijon mustard. It ain't a secret anymore but don't tell anyone I told you okay. The Dijon mustard in your dish is what makes it pop in flavor. After I started adding it to some of my fried or breaded dishes, it tasted so much better. The end result...

ME + Dijon Mustard = BFFs

For this recipe, you will need

3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups panko (Japanese breadcrumbs-flaky and crunchy available in Asian aisle in supermarkets)
1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut, roughly chopped
1/2 cup Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
2 large egg whites
1 pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails left on
1 lime, cut into wedges

Preheat over to 375 degrees, set a wire rack in baking pan
Toast panko in the pan with oil in medium heat until golden brown and then mix with coconut
In a separate bowl, mix together Dijon, curry powder, and egg whites
Dip shrimps in mustard mixture, coat with panko mixture, gently press to coat well, line the coated shrimps in the wire rack, bake for 10-12 minutes. Serve with lemon or line wedges.

My sister said it should be served with some sweet chili sauce. Mustard has a little spicy tangy taste so you can limit the mustard as you like especially if you have kids in your guests. enjoy!!

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Max's Restaurant Sharjah

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Max's is a family business dating back to 1945.After almost 70 years, from a single restaurant it now boast more than a hundred branches all over the Philippines and still expanding. Expansion reached the UAE with two branches, one in Karama and Sharjah City Center.

We entered the restaurant already starving; it was I guess after 10 pm, we had a very late dinner last night. We went grocery shopping first before deciding where to eat. 

You know you really cannot confuse a good Filipino restaurant because it gives you the feeling of nostalgia, it is something that you know by your heart and it always makes you feel home. Max's was like a time machine and it transports us to home. This was the first time we are dining in here after it opened its branches in the UAE. 

The restaurant is no longer crowded like the earlier time when we pass by it, did I say we are eating xx minutes past ten? So we were ushered to our table, there were only few tables occupied by diners so we almost have the whole restaurant to ourselves.

The menu consists of all time favorites from kare-kare to pancit to sago't gulaman for drinks. My sister-in-law attest by the taste of the crab fried rice so we were enticed to order three plates not knowing that one plate is good for two to share and it is so good that we finished it all up.

We also had fiesta plate for ate and Max's tapa for Mica. The only disappointing piece on my sister's plate was the lumpiang sariwa because it looks so good, big, and fresh on the photo but it lacks this quality once served, it looks more like unfried spring roll to me.

While Mica was without complain about her food. It came as a surprise to her to have two yolks in an egg but by the looks of it, I think these are two eggs cooked together actually.

This is the fried chicken that built the house, must be millions of these. It's a sin not to have it if you're at Max's Restaurant,  :p it has a secret recipe that's been concocted by Nanay Ruby (pictured above.), evidently we are sold. As always this chicken is crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside like the way we want our fried chicken. It comes with some sticks of fried sweet potatoes on the side.

And what's a fried chicken without ketchup? They are selling these ketchup bottles for AED 5

We washed down our sumptuous dinner with iced tea and sago't gulaman

All meals should have sweet endings and a dessert plate sampler was a beauty but before I could even snap a photo of it, my kids were already digging in so yeah just to give you a view I nabbed a picture from a fella who have a very good review of Max's too.

That concludes our dinner and we left the restaurant happy and sated but we didn't leave without taking a picture with the ever hot papa endorser of Max's - Coco Martin un oh!!!!

And the kids with the chic! :)

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Another Sibling Reunion at Pizerria UNO Chicago Grill

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My favorite and only sister :p who works in Doha is coming to Dubai every week for her training. We are thankful for the opportunity because we get to see her more often. Her career is advancing and mandatory training is conducted in their company HQ in Dubai.

We are only three and all of us are expats. My sister lives in Qatar with her family while me and our Kuya are both living and working in Dubai. Last Monday while she was here, we went out for dinner at Pizzeria UNO Chicago Grill in Deira City Center. Uno is famous for its deep dish pizza made from authentic Italian spices and quality tomatoes and loads of cheese. We did not order pizza, we skip any appetizers and directly ask for the mains which are serve in really big portions.

It was the middle of the work week so its not crowded.

Hubby took this shot before we dig in.

I had grilled seafood trio with mash potato and steamed veg on the side.

Ate ordered blackened chicken fettuccine, forgot to take its photo though. Kuya and hon both had an 8 oz steak.

The last time we ate here was long time ago but the taste of  food and quality of service was still excellent. We love the food here at UNO Chicago Grill. Will surely keep them on our dining list.

Our total bill including beverages in average per person is AED 83.

UNO Chicago Grill
Deira City Center, Dubai

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I haven't done a food post in a while. Today I am going to share with you how I cooked nilupak, one of my all-time favorite afternoon snack back home. Ferald was also craving for it in a while so when I chance upon some cassava/ tapioca/yucca in Safeermarket in Sharjah, I bought about a kilo for 10.35 Dirhams. That's three pieces of the nice long fresh root crop.

This is how it looks unwashed and unpeeled.

Nilupak is a mixture of boiled and mashed cassava, condensed milk and margarine. You may add sugar, butter, grated coconut and cheese as you like. I would suggest not to add the coconut like what I did because your nilupak will easily get stale and spoiled. In some provinces like my husbands in Batangas they don't put grated coconut in it at all.

The first thing to do is to wash the cassava to remove all the dirt. Peel and boil in water until tender by not soggy.

Grate it, mashed it, or use a food processor to bring it to a very fine texture. Here I added the grated coconut which I shouldn't have as I told you earlier. My cassava was coarsely grated only.

Add condensed milk

 Add margarine or butter

I also added some cheddar cheese. Mix it until well combined. Roll it into bite-size balls, or bigger as you like. This is how I remember nilupak. Hubby posted the photos on Facebook and friends were asking so will soon be making another batch.

For the measurement you may check this, mine was cook instinctively. Serve and enjoy.
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Nine years of fatherhood

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Before I step out of the car yesterday, I greeted my man "happy fathers day" and he lovingly says thank you. My fb wall was all about the dad of every friend, tried to like each one of them but I decided not to put mine over the already crowded space, I have given a personal greeting already and was accepted so warmly.

This is the ninth year we are celebrating fathers day and for the last nine years, my man has always been a very responsible dad to our kids. I might have not raised the kids so well if Ferald wasn't by my side every step of the way. Thank you hon, we love you so much! Happy Dads Day!
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Wildcard Finalist Champ at Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Middle East Finals

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Photo courtesy of Mike Reyes

Kapatid TV5's Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Middle East hosted by Ryan Agoncillo has its champion.
Haina Uddin, a 16 year old student from Qatar and  a wildcard finalist bags the crown to the Middle East regional edition of the popular Filipino talent search last Friday June 7, 2013 at the Boracay Club in Dubai.. Beating all other 5 contestants with her electrifying performance of Jessi J's song "Mama Knows Best" she was surprised and grateful to win. "I am totally surprised, I did not expect this. I was just a wildcard entry I am thrilled to have had this fantastic opportunity." Uddin said in the press conference held at Makati Comedy Bar, Asiana Hotel just right after the finals.

She won the prize of 10,000 US Dollars (AED 36, 700) and will soon fly to Manila to compete in the Battle of the Champions in Kapatid TV5's talent show. When ask what she will do with the prize, she said she intend to donate 10 percent of it to charity and what remains will be used to put up a small business for her family.

Haina was praised by judge Arnel Ignacio saying " As judges, we have seen a lot of talented Filipinos here in the Middle East, aside from that, we are looking for the X-factor and Haina has all those traits." He also said "Hindi ka malulungkot sa score na ibibigay ko" (You will not feel sad about the score I am going to give you).

"I think she is destined to win this contest and she was good even when we saw her in Qatar only she didn't win in the qualifying round." de Belen said.

Kesiah Eunece Ariteo, 10, finished at second with $ 5000 and Watawat Dance Group came in third with $ 3, 000.

Filipinos in Dubai mainly OSN subscribers had the chance to meet award winning TV host Ryan Agoncillo and judge celebrities Arnel Ignacio, Gelli de Belen and Marvin Agustin

Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Middle East in association with OSN - Middle East and Africa's  home to 100 channels of Western, Arabic and Filipino entertainment made this all possible to give joy to all the Pinoys in the region.

Just recently OSN added four premium and leading ABS-CBN Channels: TFC (The Filipino Channel), BRO, Cinema One Global and ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) giving wider viewing experience for Filipinos is the Middle East.

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Prince Dubai Residence Visa Renewed!!! Yay!!!

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Yay Prince got his Dubai visa renewed, a big THANK YOU!!!

photo credit

I have to thank everyone concerned with the residence visa of my son. I am grateful to those who made it possible. When the free zone immigration said that I have to process the visa in the main immigration in Jafliya, I wanted to faint, not the main immigration noooo... but yeah I processed the renewal over there and the only difficult and worrisome part was when I was asked to come the next day at 10 am. The thing is Prince scanned photo was not showing in the system so the visa couldn't be printed and stamped to the passport. We were busy at work the next day so I couldn't make it. I was worried already that I might not find the immigration officer that processed the visa. Well that actually happened as she was on duty in another section of the immigration the day that I came back but thanks to her colleagues I was able to get in touch with her. In less than a minute Prince passport was in my hand.

Children of expatriates in the UAE need a residence visa sponsored by their parents. Sometimes with one year validity and sometimes three years, it depends. There are many requirements to sponsor wife and children. Some of the most important papers includes:

1. Attested marriage contracts of the parents - attested in home country and host country
2. Attested birth certificate of the child
3. Copy of lease agreement must be attested by Ejari or by the municipality of the Emirate where you live, at least two bedroom apartment
4.  Passport copy of the sponsor - both the parents with valid UAE visa
5. Pponsored passport copy
6. Application typed by an authorized typing center. Fees are paid at the typing center, I paid AED 510 for express
7. Salary certificate of the sponsor or labor contract copy
Salary of the sponsor must be AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation. There is also occupation criteria and application is subject to immigration approval.

If you are sponsoring your family in Dubai, please make sure to check every minute detail to avoid frustration. It really gets so frustrating sometimes, I've been there done that. At this point I am grateful that I have my son residency for another three years. I can breath now. 
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