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Air Fryer Crispy Pata

  Air Fryer Crispy Pata Yung nakapag-air fryer na lahat kmi na lng ang hindi. We are so late to this Air Fryer craze but who cares right?! Hahaha! Still, I'm glad we got one now.  I got our 5.5 L Nutricook Air Fryer 2 from Mumzworld . You can use my discount code MyYellowBells10 for a 10% discount on your purchases. They have everything there. Have you visited Mumzworld website? It was the first time we used the Nutricook Air Fryer 2 to cook Crispy Pata and it was a success. It has crispy skin and moist and flavorful meat inside. When I started using this air fryer, I immediately notice the difference in the taste of food. Everything cooked in it tasted so good. The flavor of the food is retained not to mention the easy clean-up process after cooking. Moving on to the Crispy Pata recipe.  - Boil the pork hock in water enough to cover the meat. Add 1 red onion sliced unpeeled, 1 whole head of garlic sliced in the middle unpeeled, peppercorns, bay leaves, and1 tsp of salt, and simme

Lanna's 18th Yacht Cruise Birthday Party

Mica is 18!  Our daughter is now a young adult. Our baby girl is officially a lady.  Although you are now 18, to me, you are still and will always be my baby girl. I want you to remember my love that you can always call mommy for anything and everything anywhere in the world you are (in the future) just like you always do now. Anyhow drama aside... To celebrate this huge milestone, we rented a 70-foot yacht and invited her closest for a sunset Dubai Marina cruise. We wanted Mica to have a unique and unforgettable 18th birthday celebration experience worth remembering for the rest of her adult years. The most "very-Dubai" party idea we had in mind was to have a private yacht birthday party. For the cake, she asked for a simple white carrot cake with yellow roses and streaks of gold Beautifully made and deliciously baked by our friend Mae of Yamyam Cheesecake. White and Khaki dress code to which we all happily obliged. Don't they all look so chic? Our guests were her closes

Isabela Beatrice - A Birth Story

I didn't realize that my last visit to my doctor would determine when my baby would be born. I was waiting for labor to begin naturally, but due to some health risks because of my age, I had to be induced at 39 weeks and 2 days. My pregnancy was full-term but with no signs of labor yet, my doctor decided not to wait. I had to be induced to avoid any unnecessary complications. It was December 2021, a week before Christmas, the date proposed was 26 after the celebrations but my husband has another idea. He wanted to have our baby with us on Christmas day and so we all agreed it has to be Christmas eve. I was excited. Full of courage but nervous at the same time. How hard can it be?! I had two vaginal births before, this will just be the same. Though the last one was 12 years ago. Haha We checked in at Mediclinic Park View on the eve of December 23. The nurse greeted us with big smiles ready to deliver our baby. Her first question was, are you having an epidural and my answer was no.

Baby Girl Baby Shower

Baby showers were not quite popular yet when Lanna & Prince was born. At least for us. Hence no gender reveal or baby showers. Just intimate sharing of great news to family and passing hand-me-downs from bigger siblings and friends.

Halloween Costumes - Dia de Los Muertos

This is a post-Halloween blog but I'll put it up anyway for keepsake. I'm just glad I did it. To put that face paint on and enjoyed the celebration coz everyone came to the party. A few days to our Fright Night with PONG, I was still hesitant whether I'd put that Dia de Los Muertos makeup on. I've been looking for ideas on Pinterest for so many days. There were so much beautiful and extravagant makeup and costumes, it is so tempting to splurge. We bought the props, masks, face paint, and yet I wasn't hundred percent sure I'm going to do it just because it was so inconvenient to clean up the makeup after. But I did it anyway in the end. This is but a rare occasion. We are not big on Halloween parties in our country as we have a different tradition to commemorate our dearly departed.  Ate did the work for me even though I got her so pissed off with my nagging, she put on a smile and finished my look. Thank you ate, love you lots.  It was yet another successful PON

Choosing a Ball Gown for Desert Rose Parade

Out of probably 20+ gowns we tried, she only liked one. A simple blue satin gown. I was hoping she would want something more lavish. Although we were thrifting since it is going to be a one-time use, there are many nice gowns to choose from at the thrift shop. Borrowing was another option but we found it difficult due to size constraints. The blue gown cost 65 dirhams only. Not bad for the price but design-wise, it was not good enough for me. I was actually hoping she would choose the green one as it has a nicer cut but nope, my persuasion was in vain. These were the two gowns we ended up choosing from. With Sta. Cruzan and Flores De Mayo's big and very elegant gowns which are usually worn in the Philippines, I was not contented with how her gown looked. I searched for some inspiration and I found these designs. I imagined them being incorporated into the one we bought and I knew it would make a difference. The tulle fabric and the white embroidered patches cost more than the gown

Celebrating 18 Years of Love at Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant Dubai

Celebrating at Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant l Hyatt Regency Deira Dubai It's been eighteen long years but it still feels like yesterday since we got married. That's long if you would think about it and yes our wish is to forever. Cheese! Haha!  Having been able to raise our own family here in the UAE (with its ups and downs) and having survived covid last year, was for me, something worth celebrating.  What better way to celebrate our special day but with a special dinner date together with our kids at Al Dawaar, the only revolving restaurant in Dubai perched on the rooftop of Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai.  This restaurant has always been on my radar and I'm glad we get to experience dining here with the whole family including little Bella on my tummy, made possible by my Rewards Entertainer. This elegant colonial-inspired restaurant offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Dubai day and night while you indulge in delicious and well-curated International and Asian di