From My Inbox-Kids Are Honest

This is the second time I am posting something that comes from my inbox. The first was about fighting cancer cells, this one is so cute I could not help myself but share it with you guys.

I am actually excited to ask my daughter tonight what she would tell or ask Jesus if she were to write Him a question or a letter. An experiment to know what is her idea of our Creator at this tender age. She is yet to attend her catechism class although we have taught her how to pray and told her stories in the bible that we grew up with.

When she was younger, she used to address the Filipino priest at St. Michael's church as Lord. Funny right!? But all this time she thought that the priest was God. One time she asked me a question about the priest and she address him as Lord. I hugged her for her innocence and we sat down as I explained to her that the priest's name is Father Zacky and he is not Lord. She has grown a bit more and she now has a better understanding of who God is.

be continued....)

This is the continuation of the story...

Last night at bedtime, I ask my daughter what she will ask Jesus or what she will tell Him if she is to write him a letter? She replied...

"Jesus, salamat po sa food, sa house, at sa family, salamat po sa lahat ng blessings mo, mahal na mahal po kita, mahal na mahal ka po namin, sana po bigyan mo ako ng lahat ng Hanah Montana things."( Jesus thank you for the food, shelter and my family, thank you for all your blessings, I love you so much and we love you, I hope that you will give me all Hanah Montana things)

I am so proud knowing that my daughter learned to thank God for all the blessings she receives and now I have the idea of what she wants for Christmas.

Kids are so honest and innocent and can speak their minds. How about you? What would you ask God when you write him a letter or if you were to ask Him a question? Ask your kids too and see what answers you'll get. It's nice to know what your young ones think about sometimes.

So after a long story here is what comes from my inbox...what kids ask Him. There are 12 but I chose 5 of my favorites, which one is your favorite?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. napangiti ako...medyo namuo din ang luha...nakalimutan ko na kasing sumulat sa KANYA!

    ngayon sinisimulan ko ulit!!!

  2. YB, pinangiti mo ako today at pinatawa at pinangiti at pinatawa uli dahil dito! Salamat! Kaya sa mga bata ang advocacy ko eh, kasi ang sarap-sarap nilang kasama at kausap.

  3. @UP-ako rin big smile when i read the notes from those kids cute diba, tayo minsan di natin maisip itanong ang mga yun.

    @pamatayhomesick-naku eh mukang kailangan mo na malaking dosage kung ganyan pero yaan mo isang simba lng katapat nya cool na ulit kayo ni Bro

    @Ms. N-nakakabata talaga ang makipagusap sa mga bata. Minsan they make me realize and remember things na nakaligtaan ko na.

  4. your daughter loves hanah montana? that's cute (even though i only know her from posters and photos on line).

    the letters to God from kids are beautiful because they're full of innocence.

  5. oo doc she likes hanah lalo n ung songs nya, last night she bought winter accessories with hanah face and logo.:) her movie best of both worlds is nice. do you know that billey cyrus who sang the famous achie breaky heart is her dad?

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