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My Yellow Bells is a blog about the life and adventures of a Filipino family in Dubai and beyond.

It aims to share experiences and give honest opinions about


If you are reading this, chances are you are visiting Dubai, planning to do so, or could be a local or Dubai ex-pat looking for a new restaurant to try or hotel to stay in, or maybe just planning on your next Dubai adventure. Please feel free to check the pages of My Yellow Bells and we hope it helps inspire your next foodie or travel adventure.

My Yellow Bells Beginnings
Carla came to Dubai in December 2002 but started blogging in August 2009. The first seven years of her life in the UAE were amazing. She landed in Dubai and was reunited with her immediate family. Got a job with a decent salary. Met the man she will love and live with for the rest of her life. Got married. Had her first baby and explored all the corners of the UAE with them. She cannot ask for more. But you know how ex-pat life can be, it gets monotonous when you've been doing the same things over and over again. It didn't take long for her to feel depressed. That was when she felt that she needed to do something to break free from it hence My Yellow Bells was born. She writes to empty her mind and pour out her feelings through writing.

9 years later...
My Yellow Bells is still here and she is still in the UAE with her family. Now a full pledge blogger and a mother of two three. So far there are 600+ posts on this blog. She blogs whenever she can because she's also a full-time employee, a mother, a wife, and a pet owner. Juggles all while trying to keep the balance.

My Yellow Bells became her constant outlet to express herself. To tell stories of the family life she loves. The blog flourished the way she never thought it would. She met new friends online who eventually became her real and longtime friends in real life. My Yellow Bells blog has opened new doors for her and she is genuinely grateful.

She blogs during her free time and works 5 days a week, is an ex-pat for 20 years now, a mother of two three kids, and a loving and happy wifey. 

This is her squad and you will often see them here. There's a new addition to the family, meet her here.

Why My Yellow Bells?

A Yellow bell is a flower. It is Carla's dad's favorite hence the name of this blog. It always reminds her of him, his kindness, and his love.

The yellow bell flower is also known as the allamanda vine, a bushy plant that her dad used to create an arch gate for their humble home back in the Philippines. It is a very common practice in her province. She was hovering around while her dad was working on it, watching carefully as he fixes the fence. 

It was a simple yet happy day. A beautiful memory.

Thank you for visiting My Yellow Bells and I hope to see you back soon. Please feel free to leave a comment so we would know you were here. We would love to visit your blog or reply to your message. It is because of you that this blog is still online, it's you who's actually keeping it alive. 

Thank you!

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