Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day at Liwan Restaurant

When we ask people what does Valentine's Day mean to them, we get all sorts of answers. For me, Valentine's Day is the day we give reverence to love and to the ones we chose to give and share it with. It could be to your wife, husband, parents, siblings, pet, plant, partner, or yourself. There's no right or wrong way to feel about Valentine's Day.

So how do we celebrate Valentine's Day? Well, it is always different for me and Ferald every time. It could be a dinner date or a movie date or a combination. There were times when we chose to go out as a family. What about you? How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have plans for it already?

If you are still on the look out for things to do, let me tell you something.

Last week, Ferald and I attended Liwan Restaurant's Pre-Valentine's Day Event at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana.

Entrance to Liwan Restaurant

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Evenings At Gloria Hotel Dubai: Spa + Dinner

I love a good massage but it's the foot and full body massage I love the most.

My love for a good body massage started at home, with my mom. Whenever I am feeling under the weather or have an aching limb, my mom would heat up some oil, grill some calamansi (calamansi is a type of citrus fruit found in the Philippines), squeeze the juice of the calamansi into the warm oil, mix it and apply all over my body before giving me the most comforting massage. It never fails to put me to sleep and just like magic, heals me.

My mom lives miles away from me now and I don't have that luxury anymore. Good thing, we have plenty of spas in Dubai whom I can turn to when I need some pampering.

The latest one I've tried was the one located at Gloria Hotel

It's called Dreamworks Spa!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sir Loin & Sons Food Truck at Kite Beach

Dubai (and UAE as a whole) is blessed with beautiful stunning beaches and it did a great job in transforming these beautiful beaches into extraordinary public spaces for living for the benefit of its people: locals, residents or tourist alike.

Kite Beach for example. It is no longer just a place to bake in the sun and swim in the turquoise water, it also provides a venue for people to live an active lifestyle. You can stay all day at Kite Beach and you'll never run out of things to do and when you feel hungry, there are so many food outlets to chose from.

One of them is the newly opened Sir Loin & Sons Food Truck by Food Truck & Co.

They serve gourmet food from loaded fries to super soft and moist beef brisket.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Super Chix Riverland Dubai Grand Opening

We love a good chicken meal. I personally like chicken wings or chicken tenders. Three to four pieces is enough to fill me up.

Ferald and I liked one place before that serves some good chicken wings and whenever hunger strikes, we would always pass by this restaurant on our way home to order the same chicken wings meal every single time.

Unfortunately, the product was promotional and was discontinued so we were on the hunt again...

and I think, we've found it! The joint is located in a beautiful setting with a lovely sunset. I promise it is worth the trip.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Asian Style Steamed Sea Bream

We love a good seafood dish at home...

and we love sea bream. It is a delicious fish, a versatile one. You can do so much to it. It is good for steaming, frying and grilling. It is also an elegant looking fish to serve during gatherings.

What I'm going to share with you today is this Asian Style Steamed Sea Bream.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Steak & Sizzlers Festival at Al Bustan Centre & Residence

Steak is always a good idea.

Steak for brunch on a Friday, is an even better idea and it was one of the reasons why last Friday was really awesome!

The second reason is, it was Ferald's day off. It was the first Friday that Ferald spent this day with us after two months (although those two months felt like forever.) His absence was work related so we can't really complain but our weekends are never the same without him. Last Friday was an official family day out after eight weekends.

We pop over to Al Bustan Centre & Residence FOOD COURT for lunch to sample their Steak and Sizzlers Festival dishes. From 11 to 21 of January, from 12 noon to 11 pm everyday, diners can enjoy delicious steak and mouth-watering sizzlers at amazing prices. The steak and sizzlers promo is good for 10 days only and I recommend you take advantage of it.

When I called Wyndee, she asked me to go to the food court. When we arrived, a long table, all dressed up in white linen was waiting for us. The staff, the F&B Manager - Ms. Vicky and their Executive Chef, Chef Bhupal Tamang was also there to meet us.

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