Hiking the Al Rabi Mountain Trail in Khorfakkan

Al Rabi Mountain Hiking Trail

Al Rabi Tower is where the Al Rabi Hiking Trail starts. The tower was established in 1915, and it holds historical significance as an integral part of Khorfakkan's defense network. 

Al Rabi Tower

Al Rabi Tower viewing deck offers a serene experience in itself, allowing you to appreciate the beauty without embarking on the hike. 

View from Al Rabi Tower

However, should you choose to go for a hike, the Al Rabi Hiking Trail stands out as one of the best trails in Khorfakkan owing to its spectacular panoramic vistas. Graded as a beginner-level hike, this trail is visited by outdoor lovers of various age groups and fitness levels. As it was my first hiking experience in the UAE, I can attest that it is well-suited for beginners like me.

Al Rabi Mountain Hiking Trail

The journey was undeniably challenging, yet ascending to the summit of Al Rabi Mountain provides all the essential elements for a gratifying adventure.

Al Rabi Mountain Hiking Trail

The trail is clearly defined with markers, making navigation straightforward. Standing at 395 meters above sea level, the ascent is achievable with unwavering determination. During our initial attempt, we only managed to reach the 1000-meter mark, as the children were tired from the day's activities and couldn't press on. But, on our second attempt, tackling the trail early in the morning as soon as reaching Khorfakkan, we successfully reached the summit. 

The highest peak has an elevation of 1290 ft / 395 m. The moment of reaching the summit was truly gratifying and filled us with pride. We commend our children for their perseverance and commendable effort in not giving up, ultimately conquering the challenge. Well done kids! We captured the celebratory spirit with a photo alongside fellow hikers who shared the trail and persevered until we collectively reached the summit.

Al Rabi Mountain Hiking Trail Summit

In total, plan for a minimum of four hours to complete the hike, including rest breaks and photo opportunities. The shared joy and sense of achievement will be lasting memories from this rewarding journey.

Here's a video of our hike to Al Rabi Moutain Trail

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