Hiking to the Hatta Sign

Hatta Sign Hiking

The Hatta Sign has secured its place in the Guinness World Records as the tallest landmark sign, surpassing even the iconic Hollywood sign. Perched atop the Hajar Mountains, it stands at an impressive height of 19.28 meters. Accessible solely by foot, reaching the sign entails a hike of approximately half an hour to one hour from Wadi Hub, depending on your pace.

Ferald and I spent the night camping at one of the rest areas in Hatta. With the first light of dawn, we prepared and ate a simple breakfast of coffee, boiled eggs, and bananas before driving towards Hatta Wadi Hub. Our objective was to hike to the renowned Hatta Sign.

The trail begins at Hatta Wadi Hub, but it's worth noting that the hiking trails at Wadi Hub might not explicitly guide you to the Hatta Sign. Despite several trails being present in the trail map, none distinctly directs you to it.

Hatta Hiking Starting Point

Starting from this arch, continue walking towards the sign. If the trail veers left, take a right until you reconnect with the trail. This invaluable advice came from locals we encountered when we found ourselves on the verge of getting lost. 

Nonetheless, the beauty of the surroundings in Hatta is spectacular.

Hiking in Hatta

Hiking in Hatta

We decided to ascend the cart path instead of following the winding trail because it was the fastest route but NOT the easiest one, to be honest. I shared this detail as a cautionary note to prevent others from repeating our missteps. 

Hiking Trail to Hatta Sign

We reached the Hatta Sign in the end and it was all worth it. We also went down on the same path as it is easier.

Hiking offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, that’s why we started doing it. Whether trekking through scenic landscapes or navigating challenging trails, hiking contributes positively to our overall well-being. It gives us an opportunity to connect with nature. Being surrounded by trees, mountains, and wildlife fosters a sense of awe and appreciation for the environment. So keep your eyes peeled when hiking. 

Can you spot the donkeys?

Animals in Hatta

Plants in Hatta

The weather is so nice now that I always want to be outside exploring. I can't wait to be out and about again.

Here's the video of our hiking experience in Hatta in case you'd like to watch it.

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