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A Family Day at Centro Sharjah


Centro Sharjah is a modern and stylish yet affordable business hotel in Sharjah. Located adjacent to Sharjah International Airport and just 15 minutes away from Sharjah business district, it is a great hotel choice for Sharjah bound business travelers and tourists. But Centro, despite being a business hotel is also a favorite among locals and residents who wants to have some well deserve R and R. Those who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel far can rest and relax at this hotel. Although close to the airport, you wouldn't feel it at all as it is secluded by tall trees and lush greenery, has a big pool, beautiful rooms and the all day dining restaurant serves good food. In short, it is a good place to relax for families or couples wanting to have quality time.

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14 Years of Fun at Adventureland

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Adventureland, Sahara Center Sharjah's amusement indoor theme park celebrated its 14th anniversary last January 20, 2016.

Among the invited were kids and young adults from SNF Development Centre who all had a blast during the program.

Some of mommy and Dubai based bloggers and kids joined in the fun.

I can still remember Mica's 1st birthday was celebrated here. It was also our most frequented indoor play place for our daughter back then. 11 years after, she is now the biggest among this group of kids.

After the program and the much needed fueling from Panos, our kids went on to enjoy the rest of the morning playing in the park.

While Prince and Aya ride the Jungle Explorer's choo choo train and played other games

my older child had an amazing time riding bigger rides like the rocket cycles - it is the first custom-made motorbike rollercoaster in the region.

This motorbikes on wheels run on elevated loops and tracks all around the park, taking riders to exhilarating thrills & excitement

I think she rode three times.

It was way too fast for me to catch it for picture though.

Adventureland is open from 10 am -11 pm - Sunday to Wednesday
And from 10 am to 12 mn - Thursday to Saturday

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Zaroob Comes to Sharjah

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Zaroob is that colorful, eye-catching and unique restaurant along Sheikh Zayed Road somewhere around the DIFC area. It is a owned by Zuhour Group, Zaroob specializes and famous for their authentic and traditional Levantine street-food inspired dishes.

It has been in my radar for a while now but never had to chance to check them out.

The best thing, they are now in Sharjah along Khaled Lagoon (Sharjah Corniche) after the Central Park and just a stone throw away from our place. Since the weather is still pleasant, the kids and I just walked our way to it to check them out on their opening day

We were seated al fresco with the best view of the Khaled Lagoon.

and later joined by a friend and blogger - Ion of Boy Dubai.

So many people came down during the opening day and all were giddy to have Zaroob as an addition to the growing food scene in this area.

The restaurant opening set menu

Our friend here poured us cups of free flowing and very refreshing tamarind juice. The kids are new to it and did not drink it but I liked it, it brings back good memories.

Back home in Bulacan - the province where I grew up, I remember my dad making tamarind juice for us when it is in season. It is sweet, sour and very refreshing.

There was hoummus, tabouleh, fatoush, arabic bread, falafel, warm foul, wrapped turkey ham Man'oushe and chicken shawarma for sharing.

I haven't eaten foul before even if it was always available in most restaurants I've been to that serves Arabic food, I tried it this time and I'm glad I did as it was delicious.

I still haven't tried the koushari that day as I am already full giving me an excuse to visit Zaroob again.

After brunch, the kids and I walked back home feeling extra happy.

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A Peri Peri Special Treat


The family was out and about during the last three-day Eid holiday. On the second day of Eid, we went to Qanat Al Qasba in Sharjah for a Peri-Peri special treat.

QAQ is a stone throw away from where we live, it is the place with the iconic Ferris Wheel called Eye of the Emirates which you cannot miss when you drive around Sharjah Al Khan corniche. Funny enough, I haven't blog about this gem of a place even I have been here for so many times. (I didn't mean to keep it for myself!)

Qanat Al Qasba #qaq Eye of the Emirates #sharjah #sharjahblogger #myyellowbells #smileyoureinsharjah

 Al Qasba was a picturesque display of festivities during the Eid Holiday. It was bright, buzzing with people, children running around wearing happy faces while their baba and mama seat and relax al fresco in front of packed eateries. Live mime comedy acts and some science experiment show was there for the kids too. On both ends of each of the two buildings were quirky and exciting fun rides for kids and adults as well. This outdoor amusement area is a permanent thing here in QAQ so if you are looking for a place to take your children during the weekends, it's one  place I can recommend. Rides doesn't come cheap though but almost the same with those in the malls.

When you go to QAQ, you are suddenly transported to another place. It is said to be the Venice of UAE with abras and self operated motor rafts with flashing blue lights ferrying passengers to and fro the canal waters. We wanted to try it but it was fully booked already when we asked the operators, they were really busy.

It was actually dinner time when we arrived in Al Qasba. As initially planned, we took a table for five at the newly refurbished family-friendly Nandos Restaurant. We actually needed to wait for a few minutes to be seated because the diner was full.

 I've been to other Nandos branches a couple of times before and was always impressed by its ambiance and the food never disappoints so when I heard the news that the QAQ branch reopened after the renovation, I did not pass the chance to visit.

Keane, the interior company in-charged of its beautiful design did a great job. Keeping Nandos Afro-Portugese roots, the restaurant features large willow suspended rafts, which are inspired by unique South African textiles, while the perimeter wall sees rammed, earth green plaster combined with the curved oxide metal louvered screen adding a warm, natural texture to the space.

supplied photo
Supplied photo
Colorful, handpicked artworks, provided by the Nando’s Arts Initiative, adorn the walls ensuring that whether South African or not, customers will feel right at home the moment they walk into the Al Qasba outlet.

The signature open kitchen and grill allows customers seated nearby to watch as the grillers prepare sizzling butterfly-cut halal chicken pieces, fresh crispy salads, perfectly seasoned fries, and of course delicious kiddies’ meals, ready to satisfy the whole family! When you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the wafting aroma of the peri-peri chicken.

We were seated in this beautiful nook with birds eye view of the whole restaurant. It feels snug and homey yet chic and elegant.

A meal platter with a whole chicken cut into four pieces, marinated and flame-grilled to perfection and slathered with our choice of lemon and herb sauce keeping it kid friendly, two super sweet corn-on-a-cob and some potato wedges for our side dishes and 2 bottomless drinks was good enough for us to share. I just added some Peri-Peri humus and pita as requested by Mica-she likes hummus a lot and an extra drink and a bottle of water.

my grilled goodness!! look at these!!!
side dish overload

While enjoying our meal, we couldn't help but notice how customers come and go that even the outdoor tables were already full. Nando's have a massive following in the UAE with 14 branches each has its won unique design but keeping its earthy design and colors.

All that starts well ends well and so dessert was served. We had cheesecake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream 

and then some nutella in huge jars.

and then a bike ride along the canals

We were actually expecting a fireworks display but we were told that it was only set on the first night of Eid instead of all three nights. With or without pyrotechnics, it was still indeed a beautiful Eid night at Al Qasba and a wonderful dining experience at Nandos.

Nando's Restaurant
Ground Level, Al Qasba
Al Taawun Road, Sharjah
+9716 556 6033

Bike Hire - AED 20 for 30 minutes
Abra Hire- AED 100
Self Operated Motor Raft - AED 50 for 15 minutes for 4 people
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Al Souk - Sharjah

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Yesterday's lunch was grilled king white salmon we got fresh from the Sharjah fish market. Every time we go there to buy fresh fish and seafood, there is this magnificent structure on our way that is inevitable not to be noticed at all. It is Al Souk or the Gold Souk which is one of Sharjah's pride and beautiful buildings.

If you wonder what's inside this humongous awe-inspiring twin building, let me tell you.

One is the gold souk where you can shop and haggle for some pretty intricately designed jewelry pieces all hanging and loosely displayed glistening by the glass window of each shop. The other building is a trading market for electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and a lot more. In case you feel hungry while shopping, there is a small food stalls/cafeteria inside to sit and eat while you contemplate whether which necklace or earring to buy.

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Easter Egg Hunt and a Rare Farm Visit at Al Tamimi Stables

 Happy Easter everyone, how did you celebrate your Easter?

Ours was celebrated at Al Tamimi Stables with an Easter egg hunt and a farm tour. It is a rare occasion to visit a farm here in the UAE as most farms are private properties so the experience felt a few inches more special. :p

We arrived almost 11 am at the farm, we didn't find our way too quickly though, without navigation maps, it is a tini-tiny bit challenging to get here. Although we are from Sharjah, we have never been in this area of Sharjah.

Al Tamimi Stables thought genuinely about the welfare of its community and opened its doors to the public in 2013 and from then on, this family-friendly farm and activity center has become a popular destination among schools, companies and even for families who seek outdoor and edutainment for their children away from the husle and bustle of the city

The farm is situated in Al Zubair, Sharjah just opposite Al Zubair Municipality. From the gate, you get to walk in a long dramatic entrance covered with tall trees, the kids couldn't contain their excitement, already running towards the a flock of ducks resting under one tree.

The mercury is rising ever so quickly so off we go for the Easter egg hunt and farm tour with our beautiful tour guide Aefa who has wealth of information for us about the farm.

The vast property is 30 acres of greenery and about 500 exotic and domestic animals are housed here, has also a number fruit bearing trees, a banana and dates plantation, and vegetable patches all over the farm.

Al Tamimi Stables has a state of the art stable and has a number of horses, each one has a different background and different breeds from countries around the world. These beautiful creatures are royalties here at the farm and they are well taken care of.

I remember Aefa telling us that the Arabian horse might be small in size but it has a big heart which makes it good for racing while a horse in the other corral is big in size but has a small heart. You cannot really judge our equine friends by the way it looks.

As we continue with our tour, we are in for more and more surprises each and every step.

There are so many activities available both indoor and outdoor here at Al Tamimi Stables. There is a football field, a basketball court, a horse racetrack, a petting farm (indoor and outdoor), studios for dance, cooking and arts and craft lessons, giant chess board and maze and if you are feeling hungry after all these activities, they have a cafe too and if you fancy a party here at the farm it can be tailor made for you.

After the farm tour and the egg hunt, we went back to the welcome center to freshen up, the kids got their sweet treat for aq job well done. After recovering from the heat outside (boy it was really getting hotter each day), the kids got busy with the arts and craft and petting turtles and rabbits at the indoor petting zoo.

Our almost four hour stay at the farm was well spent. We had a great time and learned a lot especially the kids. I am sure their young minds pick up and absorb almost everything that they have seen, encountered and experienced at the stable. It is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Thank you to Al Tamimi Stables, the staff (Aefa, Paula, Glenda) and to the General Manager Mr. Brian Galligan for making our visit so memorable.

Kudos to Al Tamimi Stables for allowing the people in the community to experience the more natural UAE.

Entrance fee to Al Tamimi Stables is AED 60 for adult and AED 35 for children above 3 years
Family package is AED 180 for 2 adults and 3 children above 3 years. See full pricelist here
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