Crabbing in Ras Al Khaimah

Guess what was the first thing we did after the lockdown and curfew was lifted in the UAE? 

We went CRABBING! (If that's even a word hahaha)

Yes, we actually went crabbing (crab hunting?!, crab catching?!, crab fishing?!) in Ras Al Khaimah. I was with my brother and Ferald only since only three people were allowed in the car. 

At first, we went back to Umm Al Quwain where we used to catch plenty of crabs before but it seems that the place is barren. Either there are no more crabs there or we were way too early for catching crabs.

We've decided to move to a different location. From UAQ, we drove another hour to Ras Al Khaimah. Kahit basa na ang damit namin dahil lumusong na kmi sa tubig sa UAQ, all for the sake of catching crabs. 

The place is gorgeous!. Just look at this sunset! Nakakawala ng lahat ng pagod at poot sa mundo sa lahat ng nangyayari ngayon.

Thanks to our Pinoy Offroaders UAE family, we found a new place for camping and crabbing.

Watch HERE to see how and where we catch crabs.

What to expect when you go crabbing

1. It's dark
2. Knee to waist-deep water, we didn't wade in the deeper part (actually mas malalaki ang crabs dun)
3. Sandy or muddy river bed (lulubog paa mo sa putik or sand)
4. Crabs are not easy to catch but it feels totally awesome when you get your first catch
5. Be careful, don't let the crab pinch you (the wound hurts a lot after)
6. It's a fun and unforgettable experience so enjoy the activity
7. Sometimes, you can go home empty-handed but not for us at that time 

because...I caught the first catch

and the second...

and a whole lot after that

so we feasted on steamed crabs for days

We also got a few clamshells at the beach which we cooked into a delicious Tinolang Halaan. Surprisingly, Prince loved it.

Please if you go and find the crabbing spot, please leave only footprints and take only memories and your catch. The sad reality is that people tend to leave garbage there and it ruined a place once a paradise. 

Siguro dapat magclean up drive tayo dun.

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  1. hello mam, we are planning this weekend n pumunta s RAK, pede po bang pashare ng location?

  2. hi. saan banda kau nagcrabbing sa RAK? gusto din kasi namin mag crabbing this weekend. thanks.

  3. Saan po kayo banda nag crabbing? anong pede pong masearch sa google map?

  4. Mam saan po exactly yang location sa Ras Al Khaimah? Dati sa UAQ din po kami nagka crabbing pero nabalitaan namin na pinagbawal na po na manghuli dun.Tamang tama po kasi may darating na long holiday. Thanks in advance po!

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