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Crabbing in Umm Al Quwain

Sometime in March of this year, when we still had Aero (our Pajero), we went crab hunting in Umm Al Quwain. Crabbing or crab hunting is some sort of safari or recreational activity offered by many hotels and tour company's here in the UAE mostly in the marshland of UAQ. But we like ours DIYed. It is fun and no need to pay extra money for something you can do on your own.

Crabbing is done at night until early morning and it is best to follow moon tides - when the moon is new and full, tides are higher and crabs tend to feed more, the more they are out feeding, the more chances of catching them. :)

It is important to locate a good spot in the marshland to have more catch. There are no lights to guide you so bring your own torch. The brighter the light the better because it is the same light you will use in spotting crabs in the water. Bring a long kitchen thong for catching them. Some use arrows/spears and of course a covered bucket. I say covered because your catch is alive, they will crawl out of the container and since you don't want to go home empty-handed, it is a must. You should also keep track of the path you take, it is easy to get lost in the dark.

While the girls put out the camping gears, the boys went out to hunt. We got tired of waiting after a couple of hours and so we camwhore in the dark with a little help from the full moon for light. After contenting ourselves with all the photos we've taken, we waded through the marshland in ankle-deep water until we found the boys by the sea.


It is not easy to crab hunt, you will get wet, you may slip and fall and you might get bitten by the crabs fighting for their lives (lulutuin at kakainin mo ba naman sila eh :)) but more than that, it is a fun way to chillax and bond with friends or family. It is also an experience that you can never forget, something extraordinary.

On the shore, we found a starfish.

Our bucket is not full but our heart is. A bountiful blessing.
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Summer is here and we must enjoy the sun before it gets too hot. We were at Dreamland Aqua Park-Umm Al Quwain yesterday for an extension of Prince and Mica's birthday celebration.

Before that, I got two complimentary tickets from Sharaf DG and was valid until 30th of April so Ferald and I decided to use it. We will have to pay for Mica, Ferald's sister and his sister's friend while Prince get to enjoy for free. :)

I visited the parks website beforehand to see if they have any special offer and I got 100 AED off for the second ticket with minimum purchase of two general admission. It was a great offer indeed, not only that, I got another 100 AED off for tickets on our next visit, ticket is valid up to end of August plus a free water gun for kids. It was amazing and I assure you, you'll get the value for your money. Dreamland Aqua Park has over 30 thrilling rides. crazy slides, and other attractions. They also have an Amphitheatre and a mini zoo, overnight waterside camp, pool bar for cocktails and shisha.

Dreamland Aqua Park is in Umm Al Quwain, Ittihad Road, through Emirates Road, Exit 103

Note: Fridays and Public Holidays are family days

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