Barako Grill in Umm Al Quwain Serves Delicious Filipino Dishes

Food at Barako Grill in Umm Al Quwain

Barako Grill has consistently piqued my interest, though circumstances hadn't aligned for a visit until this past Christmas. During our decision to venture beyond Dubai and celebrate Christmas Day in Umm Al Quwain, we finally had the perfect opportunity to experience what Barako Grill has to offer. 

Indeed, Barako Grill proved to be the ideal choice for a Christmas Day dinner with the family. Having heard and seen enticing glimpses on social media, the restaurant's reputation for serving authentic and delectable Filipino food heightened my anticipation. I eagerly looked forward to savoring the flavors myself.

We arrived at Barako Grill around 5 pm for an early dinner, and to our advantage, the place was full of activity but not too crowded yet. We were shown to a table in the lanai where it was quieter because Bela was asleep when we got there. This allowed us to enjoy a more relaxed and intimate dining experience. The kids saw the billiards table and played a game while we waited for the food. 

Play Billiards at Barako Grill UAE

We placed our order and freshly cooked food arrived 15 minutes later.

Dining at Barako Grill UAQ

Undoubtedly, the highlight of our dining experience lay in the exquisite flavors of the dishes. 

The Grilled Liempo was my favorite, with its succulent and perfectly grilled and seasoned pork belly leaving a lasting impression. My mouth waters just by thinking about it. 

Grilled Liempo at Barako Grill

Additionally, the Crispy Pata, a deep-fried crispy pork knuckle, emerged as another winner, revealing the chef's expertise in achieving a delightful crunch while preserving the meat's tender qualities. 

Crispy Pata at Barako Grill UAQ

The Sizzling Sisig is a must to order, with its bold and savory flavors making it a standout dish. 

Sizzling Sisig at Barako Grill UAQ

The Pancit Bihon showcased a delightful medley of textures and flavors, demonstrating the kitchen's skill in crafting a delicious noodle dish. 

Pancit Bihon at Barako Grill UAQ

While Prince enjoyed the Chicken Inasal which was also very good, and Lanna ordered additional Fried Calamari, her favorite, it's worth noting that the latter, though tasty, was oilier than expected.

Chicken Inasal at Barako Grill UAQ

Fried Calamari at Barako Grill UAQ

Despite this, we were happy with our overall dining experience. It was a testament to Barako Grill's commitment to delivering a truly delightful culinary journey.

Will I be back? Definitely.

Barako Grill UAQ

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