Hiking at Mushrif Forest Trail

If you want to try hiking in UAE, now is the perfect time. The current weather conditions make it ideal for outdoor activities. Seize the opportunity of the ongoing school holidays too. Lace up your hiking shoes and embark on a journey. If you are unsure where to begin, you may want to consider hiking on the Hatta Hiking Trail going to the famous Hatta Sign and Al Rabi Mountain Hiking Trail in Khorfakkan. Those trails are good for beginners. 

If you like to go hiking but don't want to drive far then this post is for you. Dubai Municipality launched last June 2023 a free-to-use (ghaf forest) hiking trail in Dubai. It is located at Mushrif National Park in Mirdif. It is a total of 8.3-kilometer leisure yellow hiking trail accessible all year round. There is also a 1.4km orange sports track, suitable for skilled athletes with higher levels of fitness and endurance. 

The trail's starting point is conveniently located a few meters before the park's entrance, eliminating the need to enter the park itself. You can start hiking as early as 6 am. The trail is family and hiker-friendly although it is crucial not to underestimate the trail. It is best to come prepared and make sure you know your fitness and endurance level. Bring enough water and hydration drink, trail mix/snacks, and wear comfortable clothes and proper hiking shoes.

We love this trail because you feel like you're not in the cosmopolitan Dubai. Except for the constant airplanes flying above you and some buildings peaking through the trees depending on which spot you already are inside the trail, one could imagine that you are somewhere else and not in Dubai.

Some areas inside the trail have thicker vegetation with wildflowers. Those places have so many bees flying around and emit floral scents similar to honey. I was tempted to look for the honeycombs but we didn't have time to spare. The best thing about this hike, there are so many trees which means you have plenty of shaded areas and it is a welcome respite when you are already catching your breath.

We completed this trail for three and a half hours including rest stops and photo ops. The last kilometer was always the hardest for me but that is when your mental strength is tested. We saw some hikers who called for the park rangers to come and get them as they can no longer push through but still to reach that far was an achievement. I was so tempted to ask them to take us too but we didn't and finished the hike. 

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