Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain washed away my fears

It rained last night, heavy (like how I feel), drenched almost all parts of UAE. A hint of summertime ♥ love it ♥

The best thing was it made me feel good inside when I stepped out of my apartment this morning. It was cloudy but everything looks radiant and fresh, like spring time. Plus some good news from my dearest made my day. I reached the office at 7am, still early. I stare at the window for a while after I switch on my computer. As usual to pass the time (we start between half past eight and nine o’clock) I logged on the FB to see what’s going on at the other side of the world. I browsed every update and I hopped into someone’s photos – a friend of a friend whom I barely know. Her photos tells a story, it was inspiring and again inside I felt better, got inspired to take some photos from the rooftop of our building and they are amazing.

the Dusit Hotel and the Complex Defense R/A

Dusit Hotel

DIFC Gate Drive

Some Towers

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