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Peace Lily - Natural Air Cleanser

After my sister-in-laws family went back to our home country, my mother-in-law left some thriving peace lily which we gave as a present on her birthday but since she cannot take it with her, the plants are left under my care. I love plants, I always do eversince childhood, but I have doubts with the green thumb after some plant did not survive while under my supervision.

I have three pots which are currently recovering from sun burns beacuse I left them at the terrace in direct sunlight, did not know it was not good for them and I guess the sun and heat here is more than plants and people can handle. I felt bad  for taking little care of the peace lily so I put them indoors although I have doubts that they will thrive. I am afraid that this is another story of a houseplant that won't survive like the beautiful anthurium I got from Ace Hardware in twenty-O-nine, well it is still alive but in a very bad condition don't really know if it will still grow, after its red heart shaped flower dried up, it did not bloom new ones anymore.

I promised that the peace lilies shall recover, become healthy again and flower. One of the pot has recovered and has beautiful green healthy leaves, two more to go. I placed it near the window in my bed room where there is enough light and heat, water it once a week. The second pot is on its way to recovery but the other one is still outside the door because I don't have space for two pots on top of my dresser. The first is now making my room looked eco-friendly, I placed it next to the window where it can be exposed to more natural day light.

I made a research about peace lilies and discovered that spathyphillum are natural air cleansers, it purifies the air of many environment contaminants such as methyl, acetone, toluene, benzene and ammonia. . It cleans the air within 10 m²/plant. The more these plants grow and thrive, the more clean air we will breathe at home. I am waiting for a bloom and I hope soon, when that happens I will share a photo here at MYB. Wish me luck :)

Do you have house plants too? How do you care for them?

Update: 27/06/2011 for the benefit of the followers and readers of MYB here is the photo of my peace lily still sans the flower

my peace lily (spathyphyllum)

A very healthy peace lily with flowers