Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How to get an OEC

A lot of our kababayans here in Dubai are very happy that the Philippine Consulate and POLO-OWWA in Dubai are right in one place now and in a newly built huge twin villa opposite Al Qusais Police Station. (it used to be in two different offices far from each other and POLO-OWWA's office was the one that is difficult to locate) It is visible from Beirut Street and it is just behind lighthouse cafeteria, very easy to spot, just look for the Philippine flag that hangs on a pole in front of the offices.

We were there yesterday to get our OECs (Overseas Employment Certificate). It is a document that certifies us as OFWs in UAE and it is mandatory for returning or vacationing workers in the Philippines. Immigration officers will be looking for it as well at the passport control by the time you are leaving the country to go back to your host country.

It was as early as 8 am when we reached, outside the Philippine Consulate were like a hundred people waiting while POLO-OWWA have only a few so we were smiling big until we enter the gate and saw the long line, when we finally have a number we were already at #106.

We filled up 3 forms - 2 duplicate forms, one for OWWA membership and one for OEC and another A5 size paper for PAG-IBIG funds. The processing of the documents is fast and easy but it is the long queue that is upsetting. Even if we showed up early it still took us almost three hours to get the certificate, well maybe because it is December and a lot of people goes home for the holidays so large number of people turn up to POLO-OWWA for this matter.

When were done with the OEC renewal, we proceed to processing the travel tax exemption for our kids, I ask for the form from POLO-OWWA but it is available at the consulate so we have to walk to the other office (well at least it is just the next building office and need not to grab a cab just to get the form.) It was not so hard to get it either as I was properly directed to where and whom to get this form, I filled it up and attach the passports of my kids, they stamp and signed it and it's all done.

I was thankful that the process went smoothly and I am thankful if not proud of our Philippine Foreign offices here in the UAE for the improvement they are making to serve the Pinoy's here in Dubai. I just hope that soon they will think of incorporating automatic numbering system for the people to use.

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  1. it's the same here in abu dhabi now, glad they've thought of that!


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