The Old Souk-Bur Dubai

After our water adventure in Dubai Creek, we headed to the Bur Dubai Old Souk. There many souks in Dubai actually and this is just one of them, we'll see the rest next time. (Souk is the Arabic word for market or traditional street market where any kind of goods are bargained, bought, sold or exchanged) The entrance is just on the left corner coming from the Bur Dubai Abra station. You will know you're there when you see this detailed wooden structure.

Many shops are still closed when we get there but there are a few of them that are already trading like this one on the photo below. The shops usually opens at 4 pm and close at 10 pm on Fridays. Beautiful printed textiles like scarves, pashminas, Arabian dresses decorated with glass beads, pillows with beautiful and arty detailing, some camel stuff toys and rugs are available.

We got this two cute camels for the kids and they just love it. I got them a bit cheaper after I asked for discounts from a kabayan who works in the shop.

I wanted another color but Mica just love the beige and Prince was hooked on the brown one. I know I should have taken on for myself :) We continued our stroll in the souk until we reach one souvenir shop. If only I have extra money for beautiful and tempting although unnecessary stuff (quote - docgelo of beyond toxicity), I promise I would have bought one of these exquisitely crafted lanterns in front of the store.

These are bedlah, it is an Arabian costume worn by women. Bedlah is the Arabic term for "suit". These costumes are normally seen worn by belly dancers just like when you go for a desert safari and you stayed overnight in the desert camp, there would be belly dancers to entertained the guest as night falls and this is what they wear.

These are colorful Arabian footwear. I had one before but never used it that much because the one I have is the one with a curled toe, I feel like Princess Jasmine when I am wearing it. :)

We stopped by a cafeteria to get some water, the kids ask to rest for a while. The young coconut must have come from the neighbouring country Oman where soil is more fertile.

Colorful hookah shisha base bottles for sale

Fly Emirates Ts for sale too

I wanted to buy this elephant rug but don't have an idea where to put it in the house

We continue walking through the souks alleys and as you can see even in this modern days of Dubai, they try to preserve the traditional architectural designs of the souk

The old and new water vessels that sails along the creek

We have reached the end of the Bur Dubai Old souk and again in the face of the creek where we took these lovely  photos


The kids had time to play with the birds feeding on the grains given by the tourist and passersby before we went back all the way the same route of the souk. Outside is the Big Bus Tour parked in front of the water station waiting for the tourist to board the bus and move on to the next tourist spot.

Our day trip is not done yet, after the souk, Dubai Museum up next...

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