Ms. Kidzanian-Happy 8th Birthday

My daughter is turning eight tomorrow,  it seems like yesterday when we celebrated her 1st, now she is party hosting friends without mom and dad in tow...and

acquiring a new nationality too :O She is now a Kidzanian! :D

(L-R) Eliza, Mica, Hilary and Janica

What a better way to celebrate her 8 birthday than to spend a day with her BFFs inside one of Dubai's city that is built to children size, to have fun and enjoy friends company while it's educational and interactive.
Hilary and Janica are Mica's classmates and close friends at school while her ate Eliza is her cousin and an older sister for her.

We opted for her a birthday celebration the non-traditional way this time and without us directing her choices. I believed that birthdays can always be celebrated different ways as long as it is safe for them and in a place where they can learn.

Kidzania is an edutainment center in Dubai Mall where kids can become independent and act like grown-ups. It is city built to children's size with a replica of a real city with a central square, bank, hospital, and a lot of other buildings and establishments. It has different modes of transportation too where children can hop on a bus and tour the city or even rent a car.

I checked them in last Friday and they sure had a good time role playing inside. They'd worked in TNT, prepared milk at Lacnor, bottled their own Coca Cola, worked in Dubai Water and Electricity Authority, helped construct a building, and enrolled and graduated at Hamdan bin Mohamed e-University with certificates in Philosophy. :) They learned the value of hard work and hard earned money as they earned kidzos money for the work they did. They do earned their dirving license inside as well.

That's Mica counting her Kidzos (the official currency of Kidzania)
Children's age 4-16 pays AED 130 or $35/ and there is height restriction of 120 cm and above else a parent or guardian must accompany the child

Open from Sunday to Thursday bet 9am to 10pm
Fridays to Saturday between 10am to midnight

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