Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Party hosted by twin blogger Janice and Susan of 5minutesforMom on its 6th year.

Hello there, I'm Carla, a wife of a wonderful man, a mother of two beautiful kids and an expat blogger from the UAE.

This is my first time to join UBP and it sounds pretty cool to me. I am very excited to start blog hopping, meet other mommy bloggers and learn from each one of you about your place and your blog.

But first let me welcome you to MYB - short for My Yellow Bells. Please feel at home, this is a mommy website too. I started blogging via blogger in 2009, my aim was to earn extra cash but then I don't have the niche and I just write ramdom post about my life, my family, our daily life and many of our adventures in the UAE, MYB eventually became a hobby and my online diary, then I just realized that I stopped minding about the stats.

We've lived here for about a decade as an expat family and we love it here. My kids only been to Philippines a few times before and we don't have any plans to move back anytime soon.

Please meet my kids, my two awesome kids, my stress buster - Mica is 8 and Prince just turned 2.
If you would like to know more about Dubai, UAE and some of our adventures please click here. Please give me some love by leaving comments so I know you were here and I can link back to you.

My Yellow Bells

Carla is a lifestyle blogger based in Dubai who's thankful to call this ever-evolving city her second home. The pages of this blog are filled with stories about her expat life in the sandpit. It features dining and travel adventures in and around the city and beyond. It also features food recipes, parenting tips, and fashion style.


Please feel free to share your own story or views here.


  1. Checking in from UBP, how are you!
    Seriously great photographs here, and your little guy is ADORABLE. I think I might need to warm up my coffee and scroll through some of these awesome pictures. :)

  2. hi Chris, thanks for dropping by, yes please, let warm up that coffee and sit together. have an awesome UBP 2012 to you

  3. Happy Birthday to your little Prince! I found two to be a pretty fun age. My oldest just turned 3 and that age... I'm just hoping we come out of it alive in the end :)

  4. Thank you Maria. You are right it is fun and he is learning new things supper fast. There is always something new everyday. thanks for dropping by

  5. Your blog is lovely! As are your children and your photographs. #UBP12

  6. Hi Carla! Still trying to hop around from the UBP12 and came upon your site. I love it and will become a follower for sure! I must ask you about the blog viewing choices & the tab on the right....is there a code somewhere for this? I love th elook of the magazine view and would like to try something like this on my blog. Can't wait to have more time to read more and catch up on your blog! Great blog!

  7. hi audrey, hi elle thanks for partying with me.

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