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Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Party hosted by twin blogger Janice and Susan of 5minutesforMom on its 6th year.

Hello there, I'm Carla, a wife of a wonderful man, a mother of two beautiful kids and an expat blogger from the UAE.

This is my first time to join UBP and it sounds pretty cool to me. I am very excited to start blog hopping, meet other mommy bloggers and learn from each one of you about your place and your blog.

But first let me welcome you to MYB - short for My Yellow Bells. Please feel at home, this is a mommy website too. I started blogging via blogger in 2009, my aim was to earn extra cash but then I don't have the niche and I just write ramdom post about my life, my family, our daily life and many of our adventures in the UAE, MYB eventually became a hobby and my online diary, then I just realized that I stopped minding about the stats.

We've lived here for about a decade as an expat family and we love it here. My kids only been to Philippines a few times before and we don't have any plans to move back anytime soon.

Please meet my kids, my two awesome kids, my stress buster - Mica is 8 and Prince just turned 2.
If you would like to know more about Dubai, UAE and some of our adventures please click here. Please give me some love by leaving comments so I know you were here and I can link back to you.