Al Marhabani Mandi and Tradition Food is Back!!!

Our favorite restaurant is back! It used to be me and my colleagues in Goldas eating out for lunch in this Arabian inspired restaurant located near our office until I introduced it to my husband. It was a hit not only to him but to friends whom I have recommended it but then one day we learned that it had close down and we were left clueless whether it has relocated or went bankrupt. There was an Arabic note on the door but who can read?

But yes their back and bigger with another branch in Jumeirah. The staff I asked told me that there was a big fire in the old restaurant that's why it close down. The new restaurant is still in Al Mamzar next to Al Mamzar Center. There are two sitting areas, one at the lower ground where usually men sits and the other is at the first floor mainly for groups and families. The stairs to the majlis is on the right corner of the restaurant, there is always a staff to direct the diners.

When we came, the majlis were full and we were offered a table, the kids are hungry so we took it otherwise we would have love to be seated in Arabic style. The majlis are so comfortable and private, ideal for friends and families to have lunch or dinner. Majlis by the way is a salon or place for sitting.

The main reason why we keep on coming back here is because the food of course and the majlis too. Bukharee with chicken is our favorite dish with red rice and very soft chicken that the chicken meat is literally falling off from the bones. The rice for some is bland but for us who eat steamed rice all our lives, this flavored rice is absolutely yummy. It is served with pureed tomatoes as dipping sauce mild and spicy and a platter of uber fresh vegetables that consist of romaine lettuce, carrots, sliced tomatoes, onions and chili. All of what you see in the photo above cost AED 50. An order of bukharee with chicken is AED 25. We ordered two in one dish plate. The rest of the menu is priced lower than 50 except for the banquet. The specials are mandi rice, mandi-bukharee, kabsa rice and biryani rice with options of meat, fish, shrimps or chicken. We haven't tried the appetizers yet but some say that the yogurt cucumber is a winner.

As always, the place is clean and fresh, the service is fast and the staff are friendly. We are planning to come back but maybe we will try the Jumeirah branch next time.

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