Monday, April 08, 2013

Prince 3rd Birthday Celebration

Prince turned 3 last Saturday, it's like yesterday when he turned two can you imagine its already been a year. Our little guy is growing fast we almost can't keep up. We are proud parents even sometimes we go nuts. The little guy is almost potty trained and he stays dry almost all nights now with a few accidents, we can understand him as he narrates his day to us in broken sentence, he sleeps in his own bed, eats on his own using spoon and fork like an adult, and brushes teeth on his own. He loves to play with other children of his age and favors toys like Ben 10, Superman, and Transformers.

We celebrated Prince birthday at Al Mamzar Beach Park but we did not go to the beach because the weather is very unstable instead we went to the pool area. Inside the park is a separate facility with three swimming pools, one of which is very kid/toddler friendly. The kids pool is knee and waist deep only, the water is still chilly nonetheless the children still love it. We brought cooked food and his Ben 10 cake. It was a small celebration more like of a family outing.

Here is our precious one enjoying his day

There is a separate entrance fee of AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids, the park entrance fee is different AED 5. If you have car, the entrance fee is AED 30 irregardless of how many people are in the car.


  1. Awwe, looks like he had a great time! Happy Birthday to him and a "woohoo! good job mom" to you! :-)


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