My building in Sharjah was on fire this morning!!!

What are you going to do if your building was on fire? Nothing...

because we did not know, we couldn't do anything, we were sound asleep when the rest of our neighbors were rushing down to evacuate the building and save their lives. We are so shocked because the fire alarm did not go off and no one knocked on our doors to evacuate. This report on the local news paper this afternoon is our building on fire at 3:30 am in the morning today. We only learned that we had fire on the building after we have seen two gutted cars parked outside of our apartment in Sharjah early this morning. We are angered by this because we have three children at home, imagine what could have happened. The fire was on one corner of the building in the 7th floor, we are on the 5th floor on the other side. Thanks God there were no casualties reported and the fire was put off immediately by the civil defense team. The real cause of the fire is not yet determined.

Just recently, we have renewed out lease contract with the NEW real estate management and they promised that we will see big improvement on the building. Actually we are slowly seeing the improvements that was promised when they changed the front glass doors that was long time broken, a new cleaning company is coming everyday to clean the common areas and yesterday they started replacing the ACs and then suddenly boom...ayun FIRE in the building. This building was very poorly maintained by the previous real estate agent, I don't want to elaborate more but we cannot let this happen anymore, we must make sure that the building is fire safe and to the new management, I hope that you are exerting all efforts so that this incident will never ever happen again. 

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  1. Well that is really a bad news, just hope that the building has their insurance.

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