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A glimpse of nature in my kitchen window

"Even the tiniest glimpse of nature deliver a psychological boost" Three months ago we had a surprise at home when a pair of birds started nesting in our kitchen window. They have chosen to build their nest in the plant pot I have placed there. Since then, we only open the kitchen window to water the plant and only when it is not in the nest. Don't want to disturb and nesting bird. From time to time the daddy bird comes to bring dried twigs to put in the nest or comes to get mama bird probably to eat.  Three months passed and still the nest is egg-less. Can't wait to see eggs in it. For now we are contented to see the bird still in its nest and we stay as protector and observers of natures process. Just recently, the nest was threatened by pests that attack the plant in the adjacent pot and the birds did not come to its nest for three days. When I noticed the problem, I prune the part of the plant that has the pest and wash it in running water to comple

What to do and where to go during the Eid Al Adha holiday

Today is the start of the nine day long public holiday in the UAE in celebration of the Eid Al Adha or Feast of the Sacrifice while those working in the private sector will have three days off during the weekday (Mon-Wed) some are lucky to have Thurs added to their vacation. The question is where will you be during Eid? Have you made plans already? MYB have few suggestions on where you can spend your most coveted time off if you are not travelling to another country and will be staying in Dubai or the UAE 1. Go out of Dubai and visit UAEs oasis  Things to do in Al Ain , take your family and get up close with nature in Green Mubazzarah and Al Ain Oasis , the kids will enjoy the animals in Al Ain Zoo and get some fresh air at the top of Jebel Hafeet 2. Things to do in Fujairah  -Another Emirate to visit, I have good memories in this place. It is a must see for its majestics Hajar Mountians, secret water falls at  Wadi Wuraya , the oldest mosque in UAE , and I recomment Le Meridie

Prince Basketball Prowess :)

Prince loves basketball. His dad plays basketball and this helps Prince to be interested in the sport. He started playing ball when he was two and a half years old and his interest in it is growing. His dads dream is to see him become a professional basketball player someday. It is too early for us to say what he will become when he grow up but whatever it is he chose to be in the future, we will always be behind him supporting all his endevours. Prince used to be a chubby kid but with his new found skill in basketball, he has lost weight and now is physically fit. We even bought him his own MJ ball and a ring to use at home and he does use it daily. I am glad that he has got something else to do at home apart from watching TV amd playing games in the computer. Kids nowadays are into so much gadgets which is not good. We should always balance their activity, it is also for their own benefit. 

Dinner Buffet at Lamesa Restaurant

Lamesa restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Dubai now among our Filipino compatriots for celebrating special occasions or hanging out with friends over dinner. Located at the 5 th floor of Asiana Hotel in Deira, it is spacious with many tables although it tends to be over crowded as told by one of my friend who celebrated her birthday over there. We had dinner there on a Friday so it is expected to be full Dinner service starts at 6 pm and lasts till 10:30 pm and it is best if you come early. The place was well lit and AC was working just fine even it’s full of diners. The table given to us was under the AC vent and it was too cold to the point that it wasn’t comfortable to eat because we are cold and the food on our plate easily gets cold. We requested them to move us to the next available table and our request was granted promptly with the help of the kind wait staff assisting us. We started our dinner with crab and corn soup, it wasn’t hot enough to calm our growl