Sweet and Salty Ice Creams

One thing that will surely remind me of Icons Coffee Couture is it's signature salty ice creams that we tasted and dress our salads with during a bloggers meet about a couple of weeks ago.

The salty range has herby pesto flavor, dense potato and fresh carrot variants, but the one I liked most was the one with tomato as it is light and very refreshing.

Yes it is new, it is quirky and something we might haven't seen before but it ain't bad either, it was good actually especially for dressing summer salad recipes.

It is part of Icons new range of ice cream offerings created for them by ice cream enthusiast and innovator Vasco Valenca De Sousa.

The health conscious coffee shop located at a prime location at the 1st Floor of Souk Al Bahar is offering ice creams, smoothies, frappes naturally sweetened by agave and date syrups and now with ice cream for salads as well.

So if you are feeling the heat while checking out Downtown Dubai and in need something to cool you down and looking for some seriously healthy ice cream options, Icons Coffee Couture is just right around the corner.

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