Our First Dubai Tram Ride

We never had the chance to use the Dubai tram since it started its operation last November 11, 2014. We live far away from this side of the city and chances of using the tram is almost close to none. Most of the people benefiting from this newest public transport system are tourists and those who live and work in parts of Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Media City.

Last August, during the school vacation, we had a mini staycation at Arjaan by Rotana in Dubai Media City and the tram station was less than five minutes away from the hotel.

We decided to eat lunch at The Walk, JBR in Dubai Marina on our second day of staycation just to experience using The Dubai TramWe knew that this is the best way to get there and so we left our car at the hotel parking and took our very first tram ride. 

We raced to the air-conditioned tram station because the heat and humidity outside was very unforgiving.

Like all Dubai public mode of transportation, the Dubai tram is clean and very well maintained. There was also a staff available in the station ready to answer your tram inquiries.

Time tables, rules and reminder signage are all in place.

Here is a Dubai Tram Route Map 2014 for your reference.

Ferald and I have our silver NOL cards with us. Prince rode for free as he is only five years old while we bought a single trip ticket for Mica. 

A single journey is 3 dhs for silver Nol card holders.

The Dubai Tram has no validating gates like the Dubai Metro. There are ticket readers inside the stations where you must validate your card/ticket before boarding the carriage and when reaching your desired destination.

The carriage is divided into ladies only section, families and general public. There are designated seats for pregnant women and disable people.

As you can see, my five year old son and my bigger child were both very happy to experience riding a tram.

We alight at the Jumeirah Beach Residences 2 station and tap our Nol cards and ticket to the ticket reader before leaving the station.

Remember to always validate your ticket /Nol cards before leaving the station.

We set out to hunt for food and found one fluffy little panda.

We had a huge breakfast at the hotel but it was almost one in the afternoon when we get to Dubai Marina and we were all starving.

This one is express and we love anything express especially with our growling tummies.

We grabbed a table, went through the menu, ordered food and began to dig in.

For Ferald, our noodle king, Beef with Chow Mein noodles and Fried Rice

For Mica, some orange chicken with fried rice

And for me, chicken teriyaki with fried rice and mixed veggies. Prince had something else from another restaurant, he fancied eating fried chicken that afternoon and no one dared to argue with a hungry child.

One thing we couldn't help but notice was the weak air conditioning in the restaurant, thanks to this Great Wall of China mural for distracting our attention and yes we were satisfied with our food.

It would have been nice to roam around The Walk, JBR but it was sweltering hot outside so after our fair share of lunch, we walked back to JBR 2 Tram station to go back to our hotel with the cool swimming pool waters of Arjaan in mind.

What we didn't know was that the tram goes in a loop around Jumeirah Beach Residences and that there is only one platform for stations 1 to 4. We missed the connection and took one more round in JBR. I'm not sure though if we were charged extra for this.

We were laughing at ourselves when we changed station to get to the carriage that will take us back to Dubai Media City tram station.

It was a short but sweet ride. We had loads of fun and a new experience to add in our list. It was an amazing experience especially for the kids.

The Dubai Tram is linked to the Dubai Metro at Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Dubai Marina station and to The Palm Monorail for further car-less mobility around the city.

For further info about the Dubai Tram, my friend Lady of Lady and Her Sweet Escapes shared her tram ride experience and touristic attractions along the tram route here.

We raced back to the hotel because it was really very hot outside.

Right now as I write this post, the weather outside is wonderful and how I wish to be outside out and about.

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