Sunday, November 01, 2015

Yum Cha Night at the China Club

Dim Sums are amazing. Those small pockets of dough wrapped around a delicious filling is something I can't say no to. The most common dumpling I know and grew up with are sui mai (siomai) and siew bao (siopao) but there are so many kinds of dim sums and I'm crazy about them.

When my sister came to Dubai for another training, we seize the opportunity to catch up over dinner at the charming The China Club in Radisson Blu Deira Creek.

Each corner of The China Club is balanced and relaxed, something so distinctive to every Chinese restaurant.

Yum Cha is an eat all you can dim sum experience which got our dumpling cravings covered. It's not just all about dim sums though, there's a lot more and for just 99 dirhams per person with free flowing iced tea infused with fresh fruit juices.

We started off with some hearty hot and sour soup for me and chicken and corn soup for the rest of the family and some individual serving of cold noodles for starters.

I like noodles but I like them hot. I still tried it and it wasn't bad at all. The heat of the spice gives a kick on that appetite required for all the dim sums we planned to devour later.

And as I was thinking about it, platters of fried dim sums arrived.

All are delicious but somehow one will still stand out from the crowd. We love the deep fried banana/custard milk, it is sweet inside and crunchy on the outside perfectly paired with the other savory dim sums on the platter.

Nothing can beat a mix of sweet and savoury fried dim sum. We just keep on reaching for each pocket of goodness one after the other.

It's comfort food overload for us.

I tell you the steamed counterparts were equally delectable. When we're done with the fried ones, the staff wheeled the red dim sum trolley and we ordered different types for our table

One by one, different dim sums still steaming hot inside its bamboo steamer was placed on our table. honey chicken char siew bao, chicken mushroom and ginger, chicken in black bean sauce, har gau and siew mai with crab roe etc...

Prince's favorites were the steamed honey chicken char siew bao, and steamed chicken in black bean sauce.

Each dim sum has its own distinct flavor and we liked them all including the exotic diced octopus in satay sauce.

When everybody agreed that they had enough, we ordered dessert. We all had a serving of chilled coconut cream and sago pearls. It was sweet, creamy and satisfying, perfect ending for one heavy meal.

I know dim sum is suppose to be a light meal but with all that dim sum we had, it gets quite heavy so some hot tea was in order.

We linger some more in the restaurant loading up with more stories of our lives in Dubai and in Qatar. A couple of hours is sure not enough but at least we had chances like these to bond.

After we finished our tea, we say our thank yous to our host and bid farewell.

Have you tried Yum Cha nights at The China Club Radisson Blu Deira Creek? How was your experience? Please feel free to share it in the comment box below.

If not yet, I recommend you to take the whole gang to try it, it will be fun!!!

Radisson Blu Deira Creek
Tel: +971 4 205 7033/7034
12:30 - 15:00 (Daily)
19:30 - 23:00 (Daily)

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