Delightful Brunch at Dusty's

Some people are very successful in turning their passion into business and one of them is Dusty Tourani - owner of Dusty's - a home-grown restaurant and wine bar located at Al Fattan Currency House in DIFC and one of the new dining places that's making a buzz in Dubai's food scene. As a globetrotter himself and lover of food, Dusty's menu is a collection of dishes from the finest of cuisines from around the world.

I took the family on a Friday invitational brunch to try them out. As we entered the restaurant, my eyes was searching for the huge contemporary murals designed by reknowned Palestinian artist Jeffar Khaldi, but I found none. In the first place, it was the artworks that lured me into coming to Dusty's. Instead, we were welcomed by a lovely host in a black dress, acknowledging me by my first name and walking us to our table in the sprawling terrace with a capacity of 80 guests. I learned later on that the restaurant and wine bar was at the opposite side with a different entrance.

The weather was good, it was bright and sunny and breezy without the sticky feel. The terrace itself is surrounded by water pools giving the place a relaxing feel and there's no better way to dine than this on a weekend.

I pointed at one of the unoccupied large glass table in a corner which turns out to be exactly the table booked for us and we have this awesome view from where we were seated.

The DJ was already rocking the place with his playlist which jazz up our weekend vibe all the more.

One of the waitstaff handed us the menu and helped us with what's best in it but it was really hard to chose because everything sounds delicious.

We started off with some cold starter of Lobster Tacos with some extra avocado salsa on the side and anything with avocado is a sure winner in my books.

Did you know that you should order anything with avocado, make sure to eat avocado at every chance because it has good oils in it that's also found in olive oil that nourishes your skin, your hair, your nails, your heart and your overall well being? 

In between the crunchy taco shell was a mixture of rich and creamy chunky lobster meat, mango, more avocado, red onion and coriander, it was a medley of flavors bursting in my mouth at every bite.

Then we ordered Rock Shrimp Tempura. Prince loves prawns and this rock shrimp tempura in a winner in his tiny book of favorite dishes. Kids are hard to please and Prince at 6 is still a picky eater but give him a prawn dish and you can instantly become best of friends (forever) :D

From tacos (Mexican) to tempura (Japanese) to Crab Cakes (Thai) with Thai dipping sauce. I know where this is going, a gastronomic adventure around the world in one place.

The crab cakes were crunchy on the outside with delicious soft chunky crab meat inside and I mean real crab meat which is a good thing.

The first three starters were for our little companions while I who cannot dine without seeing any green leafy dish on the table ordered a wonderful Crispy Duck Salad with mixed green in pomegranate dressing. Ferald, as you may have known from reading my blog is not into greens although lately, I am able to convinced him to eat more vegetables and I'm so pleased that my man loved this salad. The crispy slices of the well marinated duck and pomegranate dressing made this salad explode with flavor.

I love cheese and this creamy Burrata topped with roasted sweet peppers and Thai basil made me fall in love with cheeses the second time around. Ahhh...I know it's too cheesy but what can I say? :D

Following a delightful set of starters, we moved on to more mouth-watering dishes-Beef Stir Fry, Seafood Linguine and Black Cod. This time we slowdown on our orders as we were already almost full from the starters that we had.

We only ordered fries for the kids as a side dish but we had to order rice after realizing that the beef stir fry calls for it. Ferald and I can't get enough of the beef, the soft thin slices of beef was delicious which will push you to order extra rice although we didn't and just ate the remaining as it is.

The kids shared the Seafood Linguine as it was a generous serving of pasta, perfectly cooked calamari and shrimp in a rich and refreshing tomato sauce with a slight piquant herb flavor.

I wanted to have something light after all the starters we had and Tanya, our server for the day suggested that I order Black Cod if I'd like to have some fish, because it's light and it is their best seller.

When it arrived on our table, we were staring at it as if it was some work of art. We didn't want to touch it and instead just took loads of photos of it from every angle. The plating was excellent but that taste was beyond any superlative I can think of.

I can't remember how many oohs and aahs we let out with a few eyes rolls on this one. The fish was moist and flaky, it taste divine and the mango salsa balanced the sweetness and saltiness of the soy glaze.

The food was delightful, ambiance was superb, service was fast and excellent, location was convenient (ample parking spaces during the weekend and located near Emirates Towers metro station); family/kid friendly (high chair for tiny tots and game toys for kids are available). This is a kind of brunch everyone loves.

After our table was cleared, we moved on to this Candy Station for dessert and a Trio of Creme Brulee.

The Candy Station has chocolate fondue, heart shaped marshmallows, meringues, strawberries, macarons, fruit jellies, cake pops, and M&M's. The strawberries, and macaroons were my favorites! And the kids? they love it.

Coffee, mango and coconut were the flavors of this creme brulee, it is sweet, creamy and a perfect way to end this delightful brunch at Dusty's

After we had our fair share of desserts and the kids had a good time playing with the toys which by the way were still new (yes, still unopened packs) we thanked our host and ask for the main restaurant just to take a look.

I can't help myself imagining a night out with my bae in here during their F Fridays happening every Friday of course, something I look forward doing with my hubby again.

Aside from lunch, Dusty's also offer breakfast, dinner and business lunch.


Level 1, Al Fattan Currency House
DIFC, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 4 354 5435

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