Tablea Chocolate Drink: Happiness In A Cup

We brought ''tablea'' to Dubai for presents to friends and colleagues. We bought it from Taal wet market in Batangas while we were in the Philippines a couple of weeks back. We also kept some for ourselves to make hot choco drink and champorado for breakfast.

Tablea are blocks of cacao molded into small discs or balls. The cacao beans are roasted, pulverized and molded into small disc unsweetened. There are sweetened ones too but I prefer the one without sugar.

It feels weird that I never had hot choco drink made from "tablea" before. It might be a little late for Ferald to introduce me to tablea (abundant in his province in Batangas) even we've been married for more than a decade, (hahaha) but as they say, better late than never.

Only when a friend requested for it as pasalubong that I was introduced to it. So I bought more. Now I'm addicted to it and how I wish I hoarded the tablea the lady was selling in the market. Good thing, my brother is still there and he can bring some more for us.

The ones we got are simply wrapped in white paper with ten discs inside. The other ones I saw over the internet are in fancy wrapping but it doesn't matter anyway. What matter is what's inside, the chocolate itself and I couldn't be any happier to have it.

But what I wasn't happy getting was a jet lag for an eight hour flight back to Dubai, 10 actually including the delays. I never knew what jet lag was. I think I never had it before until after our flight back to Dubai from the Philippines recently. I have all the symptoms of it, to the point I had to go to the hospital. I was nauseous and with continuous upset stomach, even my mood was messed up. The following day when I report back to work, my colleague and I thought of preparing the tablea I brought to the office and we made a hot chocolate drink instead of our usual afternoon coffee break. Little did I expect that it can make a difference.

In the afternoon, my a husband greeted a much cheerful me. I felt it too, I became more cheerful compared to the previous days at work. It must be the tablea choco drink. You know when experts says chocolate makes you happy, well it's actually true, especially when it is as pure as this, and almost organic. I don't know the origin of the tablea we bought, who made it and how it was made. I'd like to check it out on our next vacation.

So, how to make tablea chocolate drink? It's pretty simple.

This recipe is for the three cups we prepared. We don't have the batirol so we just used a spoon.

Simply add six discs of tablea to three cups of boiling water, make that three cups of fresh milk for a more rich texture, you may add more tablea if you want it extra thick. Add sugar depending on how sweet you want it. Boil and stir until all the tablea is dissolved. Serve hot and enjoy!

There will be bits of cacao at the bottom of your cup, finish it too.  

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