Going Vegetarian at Govindas Jumeirah Dubai

I discovered a new dining spot with some seriously delicious Indian vegetarian fare. They are in Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah, on the Beach Road!

It's called Govindas!

They have a branch in Karama which has a 15-year successful history. Well known among the huge Indian community in Dubai. We aren't vegans so I guess it's one of those restaurants that we would not normally look for but thanks to this dinner invite we discovered a gem. I also didn't expect vegetarian dishes to be this good and satisfying compared to its non-vegetarian counterparts.

Now, if I'll be asked where is the best vegetarian restaurant in Dubai, I would definitely point fingers to Govindas.

We slipped into the weekend in this warmly lit restaurant two Thursdays ago. We were seated at a table close to the window where I get extra lights emanating from the yellow fluorescence that adorned the restaurant building on the outside. I took it to my advantage when taking photos using my iPhone.

The menu has a huge variety of pure vegetarian Indian food. The menu was divided like so. I wanted to try the Special Thali but unfortunately, they don't serve it for dinner. Thalis are served only at lunchtime.

Ordering was harder than I thought so we asked help from our server.

He recommended Govindas Special Tandoori Platter for our starter.

It has grilled paneer, broccoli with spicy green chutney sauce, corn fritter, and vegetable fritter served on a plate with a red bell pepper lamp. Everything was delicious and quite filling.

Then a plate of Pani Puri Shooter arrived on our table. It was crunchy, soft, fresh, sweet, and spicy altogether.

Ultimate Indian comfort food.

Inside the crunchy shell was moong sprouts, boiled chickpeas, and potatoes with some sweet tamarind chutney and green spicy chutney on the side. The tamarind chutney works well for us.

For drinks, I ordered Mango Lassi, elegantly served in a clay glass topped with a single red rose petal. It was pure and sweet ripe mango. If you love mango, this one is to die for.

then a glass of freshly squeezed sweet lime

Govindas also offers a number of Italian vegetarian food apart from the Indian specialties.

For the kids, we ordered Pasta Del Capra which is penne pasta with creamy sauce with fresh broccoli, tomatoes, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and chili pepper. We also had one medium size Pizza Margherita. The pasta might be vegetarian but probably the best vegetarian penne pasta we've had while the pizza was fresh, loaded with cheese, crispy crust and smells heavenly with basil.  Both were served along with our starters because the kids were hungry.

When we were ready for the main dishes, our server asked us if we still want to have the two paneer dishes that we've ordered. He noticed that all our order has cheese in them and he wanted to double check with us whether we still want more cheese dishes. He was right and I am glad he asked. Talk about pro-activeness and customer service, he aced it.

We canceled the paneer dishes and continue with Govindas Vegetable Biryani that we also ordered. Served in a clay pot covered with fresh bread, our server removed the bread cover and let the steam out before putting heaping two to three tablespoons full on our plates.

Hubby and I were nodding in unison at how good it was. Best if eaten with Raita.

It. was. so. good.

He also suggested that we also must try their Dal Fry with some freshly cooked paratha which we're happy to oblige.

The Dal Fry was creamy, warm and comforting. It's more like of a soup to me actually than a viand. Still best eaten with special basmati rice or paratha to dip as suggested.

For dessert, hubby ordered tiramisu which he shared with the kids.

I, on the other hand, was eyeing on the ice cream even before we started dinner. I ordered one scoop of coconut ice cream to go. I ate it on our way home and shared with hubby. It's like sorbet type of ice cream. It has this deep coconut flavor which we love so much. It was so delicious, I can eat it all day.

Tru Frut is Govinda's own ice cream brand made from freshest fruits. 100 percent natural and 100 percent healthy.

It was a wonderful dining experience. This was our first, definitely wouldn't be the last.

I still have to come back for that Thali remember?

A little about Sattvic Food

This food philosophy emphasizes on fresh and high-quality ingredients.

These include –
● Fresh vegetables, preferably organically grown.
● Fresh fruits, preferably organically grown.
● Fresh dairy products.
● Nuts and seeds that haven’t been overly roasted and salted are preferred.
● Whole Grains – they provide excellent nourishment.
● Legumes.
● Mild spices including basil, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, fresh ginger, and turmeric.
● Sattvic herbs like tulsi and rose are used.

Moderation is a key practice in sattvic food. Oils are used sparingly and the spices are well balanced.
“Sattvic food places emphasis on vegetarian ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, and naturally sourced. The Bhagvad Gita says that a sattvic diet is good for one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being”.-Founder – Mahesh Advani


Umm Suqeim 2, Beach Road
Jumeirah, Dubai
T: +971 4 321 1884

Behind Regent Palace Hotel
Opposite BurJuman Centre
Street 4A, Al Karama, Dubai
T: +971 4 453 5259

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