Sir Loin & Sons Food Truck at Kite Beach

Dubai (and UAE as a whole) is blessed with beautiful stunning beaches and it did a great job in transforming these beautiful beaches into extraordinary public spaces for living for the benefit of its people: locals, residents or tourist alike.

Kite Beach for example. It is no longer just a place to bake in the sun and swim in the turquoise water, it also provides a venue for people to live an active lifestyle. You can stay all day at Kite Beach and you'll never run out of things to do and when you feel hungry, there are so many food outlets to chose from.

One of them is the newly opened Sir Loin & Sons Food Truck by Food Truck & Co.

They serve gourmet food from loaded fries to super soft and moist beef brisket.

We were at the opening last Friday and we loved it. It is a perfect venue to hang out and just chill.

Bring your friends. Bring your family.

We ordered, sat down and got busy.

My bunch is well trained, they already know the drill.

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The Great Burger AED 45 Black smoked Angus beef patty, crispy cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickled onion and Sir Loin BBQ sauce in potato bun

We're off to a good start

Smoked BBQ Ribs AED 90 smoked ribs marinated with signature spices, smothered in Sir BBQ sauce though they might have forgotten to smother mine with it, however, I don't mind since it is delicious on its own, served with grilled corn and Sir slaw

Chargrilled corn-on-a-cob seasoned with, cream, cheese, and lime

I love their Loaded Fries. AED 25 Chicken fries topped with 6 hours slow-cooked buffalo chicken and blue cheese mayo

The food was utterly delicious and the location, out of bound.

Here are some more photos from the event.

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