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Palawan: Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Our last-minute activity in Puerto Princesa Palawan was a do-it-yourself island hopping tour at Honda Bay before we fly out in the evening. Three islands in two hours, is it possible? With only three hours to spare, we weren't sure island hopping is a good idea. Ferald and I were like, it's now or never, discussing the pros and cons over lunch at KaLui. We actually packed our beach essentials in the morning when we were leaving the hotel for the half-day city tour just in case we decided to do it. In the end, we did it anyway because we'll never know when the next time could be. #yolo After our scrumptious lunch at KaLui , we headed to Honda Bay alight a tricycle with the same manong driver we hired when we went for firefly watching the day before. Color-coded tricycles are the most common form of transportation you can hire in the city if you're not on a package tour. More than half an hour later, we reached the wharf. It was around 2:00 pm. We hurriedly r

Palawan: Art & Food at KaLui Puerto Princesa

Tired and hungry from our half-day Puerto Princesa city tour , we requested our driver and tour guide to drop us at KaLui where we have a lunch reservation. I've been trying to book at this restaurant since we arrived in the city but I only got a confirmed booking on our third day. On the same day, we are flying back to Manila in the evening so no way we could come for dinner. When the reservation staff told me there was an available table for lunch, I immediately confirmed. I promised myself not to leave Puerto Princesa without dining in this restaurant which was highly recommended by our friends. People who have been to this restaurant will tell you that your trip to Puerto Princesa is never complete without dining at KaLui. And so we did and it was truly amazing.

Palawan: Puerto Princesa City Tour

When you are visiting Puerto Princesa Palawan, a city tour is highly recommended. A half-day city tour is usually included in tour packages offered by travel agencies and their hotel partners costing about 600 pesos per person although you can also do it yourself if you'd like. What's good about taking a package tour is that you will be sitting in an air-conditioned van, have a licensed driver and tour guide to take you around and entrance fees and permits are included. This is recommended especially if it is the first time you are visiting Palawan and/or your time is very limited. Ours was included in the package and we went on a city tour on our 3rd and last day in Palawan. Pick-up time was at 8:00 am from Hotel  Casitas De Az Pension  where we are staying. It was a shared tour with a couple from Germany but for some reason, they couldn't join the tour so by chance, it suddenly became an exclusive guided tour for me and my family, without any extra cost. We w

Thai Food for Iftar? Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Please!

While I already blogged about a few interesting places for iftar just recently, I think I may have just one more up my sleeve. One more place perfect for breaking your fast and enjoying an iftar meal with family and friends. They may not serve you your traditional iftar dishes but they serve fantastic and authentic Thai food. If you ask me if I would like Thai food for iftar? My answer would be a big fat YES! Actually, you know what, I can eat Thai food any time of day. Who doesn't love Thai food anyways? You just have to know where the gems are hidden like this one right here. I am talking about  Lemongrass Thai Restaurant . It is a casual dining restaurant located on the ground floor of Bu Haleeba Building, Oud Metha next to Lamcy Plaza with another branch in Al Ghurair Center in Dubai and 3 more branches in Abu Dhabi.

Ramadan in UAE 2017: 20 Iftar and Suhoor That's Worth A Try

Ramadan Kareem! or Ramadan Mubarak! That's how we greet our Muslim friends and colleagues during the holy month. Also in this season, you will hear a lot about two things, Iftar and Suhoor. Those are the two main meals of our Muslim brothers and sisters in a day during Ramadan. SuhÅ«r  is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning before fasting, before dawn during or even outside the Islamic month of Ramadan. The meal is eaten before fajr prayer. On the other hand ,  Iftar is the evening meal when they end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. It is also a time when families gather on one table to share a meal.